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Timeline for Known Events in the Life of
John & Catherine Haston Austin

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1775 to 1794
Sometime Between These Dates
Birth of Catherine Haston:  The date of Catherine's birth is not certain.  December 25, 1776 is the date of birth given from Austin family researchers.  However, the date of birth of Catherine's brother David (as per the David Haston Bible records) is May 6, 1777.  That would separate the births of the two children of Daniel by only 4 and 1/2 months.  Some Haston researchers have 1790 as Catherine's birth date.  In the 1820 Federal Census for White County, TN there was one female living in the John Austin household in the 26-45 years of age category.  If that person was Catherine, then she would have been born sometime between about 1775 and 1794. (It is also interesting to note that John Austin owned 5 slaves at the time of the 1820 census.)  According to the Goodspeed biographical entry for Pleasant Austin, Catherine was born and lived all of her life in TN.  That statement, if it is correct, makes a 1776 birth date for Catherine inaccurate, since the Daniel Haston family probably did not enter what is now Tennessee until about 1783.  Furthermore, if Catherine was born in 1776 then she would have been in her mid-40s when she began bearing her six children.
Source:  Unknown (sources for the 1776 and 1790 dates of birth)

Note:  In an extensive report* based upon his research for the Daniel Haston family, Howard H. Hasting, Sr. consistently refers to this wife of John Austin (Catherine, as she is called on this web site) as "Caroline."  There is no indication in Mr. Hasting's material as to where he got that name.  Her tombstone clearly reads "Catharine."
*Source:  Page 14 (and other pages) of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s report of his research.  (written 1954 and revised 1980)  [unpublished]

About 1819 Catherine Married John Austin, Sr.  Catherine married John Austin, Sr. (who was born January 6, 1779) in approximately 1819.  John Austin was married earlier to Rachel Denny (on June 21, 1802).  John and Rachel arrived in Hickory Valley of White County, TN, (from NC according to one Austin family source, but more likely from Wayne County, KY where they were married), around 1807.  That would be about shortly after the time that the Daniel Haston's family arrived from Knox Co, TN.  After Catherine's death, in 1843, John Austin married again to Mary Ann Todd on January 17, 1844.  John and Catherine had six children (see below).  Catherine also became  the stepmother of seven children born to Rachel.  Rachel's children (as per Donald Gregory) were: William, 1803-1833; Jude, 1805-1825; Tamsy (Hastin/Haston), 1807; Hannah, 1809-1826; James M., 1814-1889; Eliz (Hudgins), 1816-?; John, 1818-?
Source:  Original source unknown 
From notes made by Mrs. Bess Austin Machtley, an Austin Researcher:

There has been a strong evidence that our John and Nathaniel (Austin) could have been great grandchildren of John and Hannah Austin of Lunenburg County, VA, through a grandson, William, that I am still trying to find traces of after he disappeared from Wythe County, VA about 1793.  This record of Austin children, along with their dates of birth, I feel may have been copied from an old family Bible at the time when no one was left on Old Wilderness Road to furnish the names of their parents.  So often in those early days, when one was moving away from others of their family, they recorded the names of all their brothers and sisters in their Bible for future proof of their belonging to the family.  So far I have failed to find records on any Austin anywhere in this country that did not have plenty of Anderson families in the same vicinity.  As to which road across the Allegheny Mountains is referred to is only a guess, since it was not stated where they came from or exactly where they went.  If it were their entry into Tennessee as we might surmise, then undoubtedly it was the Old Wilderness Road which was cut across the Alleghenies from Grayson County, VA, and this would give strong indications for a connection with the John and Hannah Austin family of Lunenburg County, VA.

From John Austin, Sr. Family, 1779-1999 by Mabel J. Austin-Moore 1999:

From page 3:  According to a story handed down from my grandfather, William Edward Austin, born 10 January 1860, he always said that he had a grandfather who came to Virginia from England when he was two years old.  This has not been documented, but the story has been told for many generations.  

The following names and dates were found in a family Bible in the possession of Col. Jimmie L. Akin (ret) of Denver, CO.  Also the names and dates were found in a family Bible of Sula Matthew Swafford in Georgia.  This information was in the possession of Thomas "Tommy" Lynn, a great, great grandson of Pleasant Austin b. 8 Sept 1820, and the great, great, great grandson of John Austin, Sr. and Catherine Haston Austin.  Names listed are:  Josiah, born Jan 16, 1770.  Elizabeth, born Oct 9, 1772.  Lucy born Oct 12, 1774.  William born Dec 23, 1776.  John born Jan 6, 1779.  Nathaniel born Feb 8, 1781.  David born Aug 23, 1783.  Hannah born Jan 18, 1786.  Robin born Jan 10, 1788.
"The Austin family came with the Anderson family, traveling by ox cart, cutting their own road across the Allegheny Mountains.  If it were their entry into TN, as we might surmise, then undoubtedly it was the Old Wilderness Road which was cut across the Allegheny Mountains from Grayson County, VA."  
Source: a granddaughter of John Austin, Sr.
"I can remember Aunt Betsy very well and recall her telling many times how her father came driving four white horses to bring his family down the mountain side through 'Natty's Pass' into a large cane break on Lost Creek, and there building a small log house, and later the two story log house."  
Source:  great granddaughter of Nathaniel Austin, possibly Mary Attie Austin Anderson (who grew up near the Nathaniel Austin farm)


Note:  John Austin first married Rachel Denney on June 21, 1802, as per the First Marriage Book (1801-1813), for Wayne County, KY.  Rachel Denney was the sister of early White County, TN settler and civic leader, William Denney.  William Denney was a neighbor of the early White County Hastons, south of the Caney Fork river.  Perhaps this explains how John Austin (brother in law to William Denney) met Catherine Haston (neighbor to William Denney).
Source:  William Denney Descendents by Frances Marie (Thomas) Graves, 1984 (LC #: CS71.D412 1984)

Apparently, John and Nathaniel Austin arrived to White County, TN from different locations...John from Wayne County, KY and Nathaniel from east TN.

September 8
Birth of Pleasant Austin:  This first son of John and Catherine married Mary E. Warren on September 14, 1852.  He died on July 6, 1900 and is buried in the Old Union Cemetery in White County, TN.  Many of the later descendents of Daniel Haston are buried in the Old Union Cemetery, which is just across and north of the Caney Fork River from the land owned by Daniel, David, and Joseph Haston.
Source:  Original source of Pleasant Austin's dates are unknown; Dates for all of the John and Catherine Austin children were compiled by E. Ray Austin.
Goodspeed's History of Tennessee Illustrated (White, Warren, DeKalb, Coffee, & Cannon Counties) [published 1887 by the Goodspeed Publishing Company of Nashville, TN] includes a biographical entry for Pleasant Austin on page 861:  "Pleasant Austin, a prosperous agriculturist of the Second District, was born September 8, 1820, on the farm upon which he now resides.  His parents were John and Catherine (Haston) Austin.  The father was born January 6, 1779, in Virginia, of English descent.  He immigrated to Tennessee at a very early day, where he died February 28, 1858.  The mother is thought to have been of Dutch descent.  She was a native of Tennessee and her entire life was passed in the State.  Our subject was brought up on the farm, and educated in the school of the vicinity.  After attaining his majority he purchased land in the county and farmed about six years.  At his father's death he bought the homestead and moved to it, where he has since resided.  He is a substantial, honorable and worthy citizen.  He is interested in the advancement of education and all beneficial enterprises.  He is a Democrat.  September 14, 1852, he was united in marriage to Mary E., daughter of Bluford and Sarah (Yates) Warren.  The father was raised in Halifax, NC and the mother in Halifax, VA.  The grandfather Yates lived to the unusual age of one hundred and twelve years.  Mrs. Austin was born October 15, 1825, in Tennessee, and is the mother of John W., William Bluford, Robert S., Sarah Alice (wife of Norman Gist, who resides near Sparta), Flora C. (wife of Lewis Akins), James Mc. and Frank P.
November 15
Birth of Emaline Austin:  This daughter married Dawns B. Doyle on January 31, 1844.  Her date of death is unknown.
Source:  Original Source Unknown
October 6
Birth of Robert "Robin" S. Austin:  This son died in about 1879.  No additional information is known about him.
Source:  Original Source Unknown
February 13
Birth of Susan Austin:  This daughter married John Duncan on November 1, 1855.  She died on June 6, 1879.
Source:  Original Source Unknown
February 18
Birth of Bird Austin:  This son died on July 17, 1833 at the age of 2 1/2 years.  He is buried in the Austin Cemetery in the Lost Creek community of White County, TN.
Source:  Original Source Unknown
September 28
Birth of William Edward Austin:  This son married Mary L. Frazier on January 24, 1859.  He is buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery in White County, TN.
Source:  Original Source Unknown

June 27

Death of Catherine Haston Austin:  Catherine is buried in the Austin Cemetery in the Lost Creek community of White County, TN.
Source:  Page 209 of The Heritage of White County

February 27

Death of John Austin:  John is buried in the Austin Cemetery in the Lost Creek community of White County, TN.
Source:  Austin Cemetery records
Elizabeth Austin & Ray Austin, primary contributors of John & Catherine Haston Austin, Sr. information