The Heritage of Daniel Haston


William Carroll Hasten/Hastings of Missouri
Probable Oldest Son of Isaac & Agnes Hastings


Hastings Families of Greene County, MO

The William Carroll Hasten/Hastings who lived in Missouri in the late 1830s and early 1840s has long been a mystery to Haston family researchers? 

Here's what we know about this man:

  • William Carroll Hasten (Hastings) lived very near to Isaac Haston/Hastin/Hastings (son of Daniel Haston) in Greene County, MO in the 1840s.  (See the Greene County sections plan above)
  • An 1883 biographical sketch of William Carroll Hasten's youngest son (Isaac Newton Hasten) indicates that William Carroll Hasten "emigrated from Knox County, TN, to this county in 1835." 
  • That was about the same time that Isaac Haston (son of Daniel) moved to MO
  • When William Carroll Hasten died in 1845, Isaac Hastin (Daniel's son) was the administrator of his estate and Isaac's son in law, John Wesley Wadlow was one of the securities.
  • Isaac Hastin's/Hastings' granddaughter, Jessie Hastings Prichard (daughter of Jesse Axley Hastings), stated that her father had a brother by the name of Wm. Carroll.  She referred to him as "Carroll."
    Source: Notes compiled by Jessie Hastings Prichard in her attempt to join DAR.
  • However, it is interesting to note that John Holloway Hastings (of the Orange County, NC to Bedford County, TN Hastings family) lived within a mile of William Carroll Hasten and Isaac Hasten/Hastings.
  • When William Carroll Hasten died, we have been told that his land was purchased by James Bell Hastings, son of John Holloway Hastings.

So, who was he and what was his relationship, if any, to the Daniel Haston family?

  1. Was he a member of the same Hastings family as John Holloway Hastings and James Bell Hastings?

  2. Was he a son of Daniel Haston, who lived the latter part of his life and died in White County, TN.  This was the view of Howard H. Hasting, Sr. and other earlier Haston family researchers.

  3. Was he the son of Daniel Haston's son, Isaac Haston/Hastin/Hastings?

Several pieces of evidence seem to indicate that he was the son of Isaac Haston, and thus the grandson of Daniel Haston:

  • He lived in very close proximity to Isaac Hastin in Greene County, MO.  See above.

  • His son said that he moved to Missouri in 1835, which was about the same time that Isaac Haston moved there.

  • Isaac Haston was the administrator of his estate and Isaac's son-in-law (John W. Wadlow) was one of the securities for his estate.

  • He named his youngest son "Isaac."

  • Isaac Hastin's daughter (Jesse

  • His estimated birth date would fit the Isaac Haston family.

Although we do not have an exact year of birth for William Carroll Hasten, we are told (original source unknown) that his wife (Nancy Leake) was born in 1815.  There is an 1840 Pulaski County, MO census record for William C. Heasten.  See below.  We can not say for sure that this 1840 Pulaski County man was the same man that lived very near Isaac Hasten a few years later.  But we do know that Pulaski County, MO was adjacent to Greene County, MO (where Isaac Hasten lived and where William Carroll Hasten lived a few years later) in 1839.  See below.

The William Carroll Heasten of the 1840 census was, as was his wife, between 20-30 years old in 1840.  That would place his birth date between 1810-1820.  According to the 1830 McMinn County, TN census, Isaac Haston's oldest son would have been born between 1815-1820.  That otherwise unaccounted for son of Isaac and Agnes Simpson Haston could have been this William Carroll Hasten/Heasten.  Daniel Haston would have been at least 65-70 years old in 1815-1920.  If this William Carroll Heaston of MO was born during that time, it is highly unlikely that he was a son of Daniel Haston, but very possibly Daniel's grandson through Isaac Haston.

According to the 1850 census for William J. Bradley, who married Wm. Carroll Hasten's widow and unofficially adopted his children, William Caroll and Nancy Leake Hasten's children were born in and between the years of 1838-1844. 

  • Perry in 1838

  • Matilda in 1840

  • John W. in 1841

  • Isaac N. in 1844

Information from the Pulaski County, MO 1840 census record, from the William Carroll Hasten will, and from the Hastin children in the 1850 William J. Bradley (of Greene County, MO) household does not match up exactly, but is fairly close.

There was a son named James who was mentioned in William Carroll Hasten's will that is not mentioned in the 1850 census.  Perhaps he died between 1845 and 1850 or perhaps he was living in another household.  In 1840 there was a Matilda Hastin (born 1840) who, for some reason, was not mentioned in the will.

1840 Federal Census - Pulaski County, MO

1840 Census Record for Pulaski County, MO

1839 Missouri Map with Pulaski & Greene Counties

Various Records Associated With William Carroll Hasting's Estate Settlement
  • “Rec’d of Isaac Hasting two dollars and 30 cents for shrouding got in August 1845 for William C. Hasting, dec’d.” 
    Source:  Greene County Probate Record Oct 11, 1847.
  • “This day comes Isaac Hastings administrator of the estate of William C. Hastings dec’d and showed to the court that he had given notice as the law directs and enters on his final settlements as follows   
    Voucher filed
    W. H. Groves   Rpt.  $2.50
    Wilson Hachney do     2.00
    J. Perham         do     4.00
    W. J. Bradley    do    89.87 1/2
       do      do          do    12.05
    Court fee & Tax         1.25
    $111.67 1/2 Amount ordered by the court that he be credited with said sums respectively on in the aggregate of one hundred and eleven dollars and 67 1/2 cents and it is further ordered by the court that said adm. pay over the balance in his hands $12.05 to the widow of said dec’d as
    part of dower-- and in as much as it appears that said estate is exhausted it is ordered by the court that said administrator be discharged from further administration of said estate and that he be
    released from further liability on his bond as such." 
    Source:  Greene County Probate Record  no date on the copy.
  • “On petition of Isaac Hasting, adm. of the estate of W. C. Hastings dec’d. and for a good cause shown it is ordered that he sell the real estate belonging to said estate described as follows To whit..  the N.E. qn of N.W. qn of Sec. 11, T.30, R.23. containing 40 acres on a credit of months at public sale and he be given the notice thereof by handbills for 30 days.”
    Source:  Greene County Probate Record March 7th 1849, pg 687.
  •  “Now at this day was exhibited an additional inventory of the estate of W. C. Hastings, dec’d. which is approved and ordered that the Admin. of said estate be charged in the sum of Forty-five dollars. “
    Court then adjourned till Monday 30th July next. W. C. Price Probate Judge.
    Source:  Greene County Probate Record June 9th, 1849, pg 710.

From the Research Report of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.
(See this material in its original context)


Editorial Note:  Do not confuse this Greene Co, MO William Carroll Hastings with David Haston's son, William Carroll Haston, Sr. (and his son William Carroll Haston, Jr.) of Van Buren Co, TN.

          WILLIAM CARROLL HASTINGS (             To 1845) married Nancy Leake (1815 to       ). A History of Greene County, Missouri, published in 1883 by the St. Louis Western Historical Co. and now in the Library of Congress under number F472 G8 H6, at page 717 contains a biography of one Isaac N. Hasten (1844 to 6 Jul 1896) in which it is recorded that he was the son of "Carroll and Nancy Hasten" who came to Missouri from Knox County, Tennessee, in 1835, and that Isaac was born one year before his father's death.
          Isaac Hastings (1797 to     ) served as Administrator of the Estate of Carroll Hastings and in connection therewith filed an affidavit of heirship in which he said, "I, Isaac Hastin, do solemnly swear that there are five heirs of William C. Hastin, deceased, now in being, to-wit:
          Perry Hastin    
          James Hastin
          John W. Hastin
          Isaac N. Hastin, and     
          Nancy Hastin, Widow, all residing in Greene County, Missouri." The Affidavit was dated 15 Oct 1845 (Probate Book "A" at p. 282 of Greene County, Missouri.) One John W. Wadlow who married Marga Haston in Greene County on 24 July 1838 was one of the sureties on Isaac's bond. The record of Isaac's administration shows that William Carroll Hastings died seized and possessed of the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Sec. 11 Twp. 30 N., Range 23 West, in Greene County, Missouri. We can now locate the farms of Isaac Hastings (1797 to      ) and John Hastings (1796 to      ) and William Carroll Hastings (         to 1845) as follows [See above]:

          Carroll's widow, Nancy Leake, married again after Carroll's death to one William J. Bradley. They were married on 10 June 1847. The consolidated families were listed in the 1850 Census as follows:

Bradley, Wm. J. M 32 1818 North Carolina
               Nancy Leake F 35 1815 Tenn.
Dodd, Benjamin F. M 18 1832 Mo.
Hastings, Perry M 12 1838 Mo.
                    John W. M   9 1841 Mo.
               Matilda F 10 1840 Mo.
               Isaac N. M   7 1844 Mo.
Bradley, Milley S. F   3 1847 Mo.
              Sarah A. F   1 1849 Mo.

According to Isaac's affidavit of heirship, Matilda was not a daughter of William Carroll ­- she could have been sojourning at the home of Nancy when the Census was taken in Greene County. James was not listed in the family, although according to Isaac's affidavit James was a son of William Carroll Hastings. We find another family listed in the Greene County Census for 1850, as follows:

Hastings, James M 26 1824 Tenn
     Virginia F 26 1824 . .
     William R. M   6 1844 Mo.

(Indicating move to Mo. Before 1844)

      John P. M   4 1846 . .
      Joseph R. M   2 1848 . .

It could be that the above James was the son of William Carroll mentioned in Isaac's affidavit of heirship.
           The evidence sustains the suspicion that Isaac Hastings (1797) John Hastings (1796) and William Carroll Hastings (    to 1845) were brothers ­ at least kin ­ probably the sons of David Hasting [website editor's note: this should be "probably the sons of Daniel Hasting"] (1735 to 1826) of White County, Tenn., who moved to Greene County, Missouri, in 1835. A History of Greene County, Missouri, by Fairbanks, shows a biography of Charles Wadlow in which it is recorded that he was the son of John W. Wadlow and Mary Hastings (Marga) and that John W. Wadlow was born in Virginia, in Washington County, and went to Tennessee and then to Greene County, Mo., where he married Mary Hastings (27 Jan 1820 to 12 Dec 1854) on 24 July 1837. In the same history, there is a biography of John H. Hasten, son of Isaac N. Hasten (1844 to 6 Jul 1896). There are numerous records in Greene County, Mo., which we have not researched, and which contain information of other members of the family. We have been able to extend the family of William Carroll Hastings (       to 1845) in the following manner.

Editorial Note:  Although the phrase "probably the sons of David Hasting" in the above paragraph is presented here just as it was in the material written by Howard H. Hasting, it should read "probably the sons of Daniel Hasting.

The "James Hastings" above was probably "James Bell Hastings," the son of John Holloway Hastings (neighbor of Isaac Haston/Hastings) and not the son of William Carroll Hastings.  Read more about John Holloway Hastings.

           ISAAC NEWTON HASTEN (1844 TO 6 July 1896) son of William Carroll Hastings (        to 1845) and his wife Nancy Leake Hastings (1815 to      ) was born in Cass Township of Greene County, Missouri, one year before the death of his father, William Carroll Hastings. He served as a justice of the peace of that township for several years. He and his son, John Henderson Hasten, operated a store at the little town of Cave Springs in Greene County, Missouri, for years before they sold out and opened a grocery store in Springfield, Missouri. (See a History of Greene County, Missouri, published in 1883 by the St. Louis Western Historical C. now in the Library of Congress under the number F472 G8 H6, at p. 717 for a biography of Isaac N. Hasten.)

           We are indebted to Katie Eugenia Wilson Mann (15 Dec 1890 to    ) who was living in Hugoten, Kansas, in 1978, at 1038 Monroe St., Zip Code 67951, for much of the information shown herein. She was a daughter of Alice Theodosia Hasten (1867 to      ) who was a daughter of Isaac Newton Hasten (1844 to 6 Jul 1896). She said that Isaac's middle name was Newton; that Isaac had two children to grow to adulthood, a son, John Henderson Hasten, and her mother, Alice Theodocia [sic] Hasten; that Isaac had a baby that died in infancy; that Isaac and his son, John Henderson Hasten operated a general store at Cave Springs for years before they sold out and opened a grocery store in Springfield; that John continued to operate the grocery store for years after Isaac died, and then went into the bakery business; that Isaac married Mary Elizabeth Jennings during the Civil War, while she was living at Neosho, Missouri; and that Isaac was killed in an accident; that he missed a door and fell down some stairs and through a window at the landing of the stairs and cut his throat on the glass of the window. She also says that the "Old Hasten Burying Ground" was called Friendship Graveyard and that it was on land about 1 1/2 to 2 miles North of where her father lived. Isaac's family was listed in the 18__ Census taken in Cass Twp of Greene County, Mo., as follows:

Hasten, Isaac N. M 26 1844 Mo.
     Mary E. F 20 1850 Mo.
     Alice F   3 1867 Mo.
     John H. M   1 1869 Mo.

          William L. (Bill) Wood, Rt. 2 Box 89, Strafford, Mo., 65757, who is related to us through Elizabeth Jane Stipe Hasting (6 Feb 1835 to 29 Feb 1927) was kind enough to send to Howard H. Hasting (23 Mar 1905 to     ) a list of all grave stones found in the "Old Hasten Burying Ground," which was prepared by John and LeMerle Cochran during the early and middle 1960's, who filed a copy in the genealogy room at the public library of Springfield, Mo. This list is entitled "Friendship Church Cemetery," and contains the following introduction: "There is no evidence of a building having been here in the past 40 or 50 years (1966). Location is 3 miles North of Willard, Mo. There is no road to it or near it. It is 1/2 mile southeast of the house on the Rex Bell Farm (1966)."     "Hastin, William W., son of Isaac N. and Mary E., 29 Apr. 1866 - 13 Apr. 1867" is the only inscription for any member of the family by name.
          At Isaac's death, his son, John Henderson Hasten, purchased Lot 398 in the Hazelwood Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri, and buried his father there. His wife, Mary Elizabeth Jennings Hasten (1850 to 16 Dec. 1932) is also buried in that lot, and so is Nancy Jennings (          to July 1902) the mother of Mary Elizabeth.


William W. Hastin 29 Apr. 1866 - 13 Apr. 1867
Alice Theodocia Hasten 1867 to
John Henderson Hasten 1869 to 14 Feb 1936

          ALICE THEODOCIA HASTEN (1867 to       ) daughter of Isaac Newton Hasten (1844 to 6 Jul 1896) and Mary Elizabeth Jennings Hasten (1850 to 16 Dec 1932) married Joseph Buster Wilson on 31 Jan. 1883. (Greene County Marriage Records). Joseph owned a 200 acre farm about 4 miles north of Willard and about a mile and one-half from the Isaac Newton Hasten farm and about 3 miles from Cave Springs. They had seven children. One died in infancy.


John Harry Wilson In Cambridge, Wisconsin
Blanche Dinsmore In Detroit, Michigan
Alice Jo Benningan In Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Katie Wilson Mann Of Hugoten, Kansas
Effie Wilson
Isaac Newton Wilson

          JOHN HENDERSON HASTEN (1869 TO 14 Feb 1936) son of Isaac Newton Hasten  (1844 to 6 Jul 1896) and Mary Elizabeth Jennings Hasten (1850 to 16 Dec 1932) Married Mary Josephine Lee (1869 to 4 Oct 1927) but they had no children. She is buried in Lot 398 of the Hazelwood Cemetery in Springfield. After her death, John married Alta B. Stutzman (2 June 1881 to 4 Dec. 1945) the daughter of Frank P and Louise Stutzman of Springfield, but there were no children born of this marriage. John died of a cerebral hemorrage and Alta died of a heart attack. John and his first wife, Mary Josephine Lee, and his second wife, Alta Stutzman, are all buried in Lot 398 of the Hazelwood Cemetery.

Read more about Isaac N. Hasten, his wife Mary E. Jennings Hasten, and their son John H. Hasten.

           So ends the line of William Carroll Hastings, so far as we are able to determine ­ We found none of his descendants who could affirm or deny that he was a son of Daniel.