The Heritage of Daniel Haston


DNA evidence confirms that Jeremiah MC Haston was a very close relative of Daniel Haston, very probably a son of Daniel Haston.  Additional evidence:

  1. Date and place of birth fit the Daniel Haston family.

  2. The "Jeremiah" name fits Daniel Haston's Old Testament character naming pattern for his family. (David, Joseph, Jesse, Isaac, and perhaps a son named Daniel)

  3. Even though referred to by census takers in the early years by the surname of Hasting, Jeremiah's family gravitated to or settled on the Haston surname...which was a move that was contrary to the natural drift (as all of us "Hastons" know).  This was the name that the White Co, TN family settled on, as well as Jesse Haston of Howard Co, did Daniel Haston of Adair County, KY.

  4. Jeremiah moved to the general area of Missouri (Polk-Dallas County, MO) in the 1830s, near where Isaac Haston moved (Greene County, MO) in about 1835.

  5. Some family researchers for this Jeremiah Haston (husband of Esther Riddle) have asserted that Jeremiah's father was Daniel Haston.  And we do know that Thomas and John Riddles did own land on Cane Creek (near Daniel Haston) in 1818 and some years to follow.  According to researchers for Jeremiah's family, his son John Wesley Haston, was born in White County, TN on October 12, 1818.

  6. According to the 1840 Federal Census for Polk County, MO, Thomas Riddle and John Riddle lived near Jeremiah Hasting. 

  7. The M.C. middle name (which did not seem to be common in other families at that time) is a known (for some mysterious reason) middle name in the Daniel Haston family.  (see the McComisky page)

Note:  There is evidence in the family of Jeremiah M.C. Haston that suggests that M.C. stood for McKinley (and not McComisky) as the middle name of Jeremiah M.C. Haston. 


Important Note Regarding Data on the Jeremiah Hasting/Hasten Census Records

There are numerous contradictions in the Jeremiah Hasting/Hastings/Hasten household census reports.  The censuses seem to indicate that Jeremiah and other members of his family did not have written records of their birth dates.  From one year to the next, their reported dates of birth varied significantly.  Thus, interpretations based upon these records should not necessarily be considered to be accurate.

Comment from Claire Aufrance of Greensboro, NC - December 2, 2007

My family tree indicates that I am a descendent of Jeremiah Haston, son of Daniel Haston. According to the records given to me, Jeremiah was born on March 28, 1799 in Kingston, TN. He died in Charity, MO [Dallas County] in 1876 and was buried in Haston Cemetery.
Married Esther Riddle of NC.

The Illinois Years

Note:  We do not know for sure that this Gallatin Co, IL man was the same Jeramiah Hasting/Hasten who later lived in Polk-Dallas Co, MO. 

  • The age of this Illinois man matches the age of the 1840 Polk County and 1850 & 1860 Dallas County, MO man.

  • The Polk County & Dallas County, MO Jeramiah Hasting/Hasten's children were born in Illinois.

  • The location of Gallatin County, Illinois would certainly fit the trail of a man who was born in Tennessee but lived the latter part of his life in Missouri.  Gallatin Co, IL is located just across the Ohio River from western Kentucky, and not far east of Missouri.

  • However, ages of the children in this Gallatin County, IL family do not completely match those of the later MO family.

1830 Gallatin County (Monroe Township), IL Federal Census
1830 Gallatin County, IL Census - Jeremiah Hastings

  • One male under 5 years old.  [born 1825-1830] 
    This birth date range could fit Jeremiah M.C. Hasting/Haston, Jr. according to the 1850 census (but not the 1860 census, which contradicts the 1850 census).
  • Two males from 10 and up to (but under) 15 years old.  [born 1815-1820]
    Who are these two older boys?  There are no later census records to indicate that Jeremiah Hasting/Haston had sons that were this old.  However, by the time of the 1840 census they could have been living independently of their father. 
  • One male from 30 and up to (but under) 40 years old.  [born 1790-1800]
    This age matches the ages of the Polk-Dallas County, MO Jeramiah Hasting/Hasten of later census records.
  • One female under 5 years old.  [born 1825-1830]
    This could have been Minerva, if she was a daughter of Jeremiah Hastings, and not a wife.
  • Three females from 5 up to (but under) 10 years old.  [born 1820-1825]
    These females do not seem to fit the 1840 census record for Jeremiah Hasting of Polk County, MO.
  • One female from 20 to (but under) 30 years old.  [born 1800-1810]
    This, presumably, would have been the wife of this Jeremiah Hastings.  In subsequent census records of the MO Jeremiah Hasting/Hasten/Haston, there was no woman in his household who would have fit this birth date range.  If this Gallatin Co, IL Jeremiah Hastings was the same man who later lived in Polk-Dallas Co, MO, then this wife must have died prior to the 1840 census.

Source:  Page 276 ( image # 534) of the Gallatin County (Monroe Township), IL census.

The Missouri Years

1840 Platte? (Polk) County*, MO Federal Census
(Platte County is on the Kansas-Missouri border)
1840 Polk County, MO Census - Jeremiah Hasting

*There seems to be some discrepancy in researcher's records regarding where Jeremiah Hasting was in Missouri at the time of the 1840 census.  According to the census records, he was in Platte County, MO.  Platte County is on the Kansas & Missouri border, very near Kansas City.

This is in reference to information posted on your site about whether Jeremiah M C Haston was Daniel's son, which includes census records for 1830 and 1840. Those for 1840 are indicated to have come from Platte County, MO, but, in fact, they are from Polk County, MO, which is right next to Dallas County where many of this this family can be found on later census. I happen to live in Platte County and have copies of early records and when he didn't show up on them I began looking elsewhere and discovered the photographed entry you included exactly matches the one from the 1840 Polk County census.

Sylvia Gaut - May 9, 2012


  • One free white male, 10 and under 15  [born 1835-1840]
  • One free white male, 15 and under 20  [born 1835-1830]
  • One free white male, 20 and under 30  [born 1820-1830] (probably, Jeremiah, Jr.)
  • One free white male, 40 and under 50  [born 1790-1800] (presumably, Jeremiah Hasting, Sr.) 
  • Two free white females, 5 and under 10  [born 1840-1845]
  • One free white female, 10 and under 15  [born 1835-1840]  (probably Bezna A.) (Regina?)
  • Two free white females, 15 and under 20  [born 1830-1835]  (probably Elizabeth)
  • One free white female, 20 and under 30  [born 1820-1830] (probably Minerva)*

*Was this 20-30 year old female (probably Minerva), Jeremiah, Sr.'s wife or daughter?  Perhaps Jeremiah, Sr.'s wife had died or left him and this 20-30 year old female was his daughter (?).  The 1880 census indicates that 42 year old Regina A(nne?) was the sister of 59 year old Manurva Haston.  In 1880 they were living, by themselves, in the same house.  (Source: Dallas Co, MO; Jackson Township, District 25, image #24)

Source: image # 129 of 1840 Platte County, MO census from page 170 of roll 228.

1850 Dallas County, MO Federal Census
District 26 of Dallas County
(Dallas County is located in the central-south central part of Missouri)
1850 MO Census Record for Jeramiah Hasting

  • Jeramiah (Jeremiah) Hasting was 50 years old and was born in Tennessee.  Apparently, he could read and write, since there was no mark by his name in the 2nd column from the end ("over 20 years of age who cannot read & write").  As per this record he was born in about 1800, but the 1860 census reports data would suggest that he was born in 1795.  The 1840 census puts him the age range that would allow for either date, or any date between about 1790 and 1800.

  • Minerva was 28 years old and was born in Illinois, as were all of the children in the household.  She could not read and write.  She was probably a daughter of Jeremiah Hasting, and not his wife.  Jeremiah's oldest son was only two years younger than Minerva.  Also, the 1880 Dallas Co, MO census indicates that Regina A. Haston (probably the Bezna A. of this 1850 census) was a sister of Minerva Haston and they lived together by themselves in 1880.

  • Jeramiah Mc was 23 years old and born in Illinois.  Apparently, he could read and write.

  • Elizabeth was 17 years old and was born in Illinois.

  • Bezna A. (same as Regina A. on subsequent census records) was 13 years old, also born in Illinois, and was "dumb" (mute).

  • For some unknown reason, all of the people in the household were "checked" as "Married within the year." (column following place of birth)

  • Was the 26 year old Melissa Webb, in the house next to Jeremiah Hasting, a sister of Minerva Hasting (and daughter of Jeremiah Hasting, Sr.)?  She too was born in Illinois (but her husband was born in TN) and she named her five month old daughter "Minerva."  However, the 1840 census only records one female in the age group that she and Minerva would have been in at that time.  The same Webb family appears as next door neighbors to Jeremiah M.C. Hasten (junior) on the 1860 census.

  • The dates of birth of the children, would put Jeremiah Hasting, Sr. in Illinois as early as (if not earlier than) 1822 and as late as (if not later than) 1837.  When did he leave Tennessee?  Where did he live in Illinois?  When did he arrive in Missouri?  Please contact us if you have information to answer these questions.

Source:  Page 341 of 1850 Dallas County (26th District), MO census ( image # 161).

1860 Dallas County, MO Federal Census
1860 Dallas County, MO Census, Jackson Township - Jeremiah Hasten Sr & Jr

  • Jeramiah Hasten (senior) was 65, according to this 1860 census, which would have made his birth date 1795 (contrary to the 1850 census).  He still reported Tennessee as his place of birth.  He was a farmer and his real estate was valued at $800; his personal estate was valued at $500. 

  • Minurvia C. was reported to have been 35, which would have made her 30 years younger than Jeramiah.  On the 1850 census, she was only 22 years younger than Jeramiah.  Her occupation was "house work" and she was born in Illinois.  Does her "house work" occupation, which differs from the "house hand" occupation of Betsy and Regina, indicate that Minurvia was Jeramiah's wife, and not his daughter?  For example, "house work" was also the occupation of Jeramaih M.C. (junior) Hasten's wife (Nancy).  Note that, contrary to the 1850 census, Minurvia was not reported to be illiterate. 

  • Betsy A. was 27 and was a "house hand."  The report indicates that she was not able to read and write.  No state of birth was given for her, but (as per the 1850 census) she was probably born in Illinois.

  • Regina A.C.W. was 21 and was a "house hand."  She was born in Illinois, apparently was literate, and was "dum" (mute).  What do the C.W. initials stand for?  Why would she have three initials, in addition to her given name and surname?

  • Who was the 10 (or 18?) year old Jeramiah M.C. ____ (Roege?) in this household?  He was born in Missouri and had attended school within the year.  Was he a grandson of the senior Jeramiah Hasten?  If so, who were his parents?

  • Jeramiah M.C. Haston (junior) was married and lived next door to his father.  He was 29 years old, according to this census, was a farmer, owned no land, owned $300 worth of personal property, was born in Illinois, and was illiterate (contrary to the 1850 census).  He and his wife, Nancy N., had a 6 year old son named "Jeramiah M.C."  There were four "Jeramiah" males in these two households. 

Source: Page 240 ( image #27) of 1850 Dallas County (Jackson Township), MO census.  Records for Jeramiah Hasten, Sr. and Jeramiah M.C. Hasten, Jr.

1880 Dallas County, MO Federal Census
1880 Dallas County Census

  • Manurva Haston was 59 years old, which would indicate she was born in about 1821 (in Illinois).  She was widowed or divorced and her occupation was housework.  She could not write.  Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother was born in South Carolina.  The fact that she was widowed, may indicate that she was indeed the wife (not daughter) of Jeramiah Hasting/Hasten/Haston.

  • Regina A__ (Anne?) was 42 years old and thus born in 1838 or so (in Illinois).  She was a sister of Manurva and was single.  The report indicates that she was blind, deaf and dumb, and insane.  However, it is odd that the record indicates that she was not illiterate.  Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother was born in South Carolina.  If Regina was the sister of Manurva Haston and if Manurva was the widow of Jeremiah Haston, what was Regina's surname and Manurva's maiden name? 

Source:  1880 Dallas Co, MO census in Jackson Township, District 25; image # 24.
  • May 15, 1883 - Jeremiah M.C. Haston (III?) purchased 40 acres in Dallas County, MO.  Apparently, this was the son of Jeremiah M.C. Haston, Jr.