The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Dr. John Henry Nave/Neff


Hans Heinrich Neff (Jr.) was born about 1708 in Germany and died July 1784 in Shenandoah County, VA and buried in the Kegey-Neff Cemetery (to the west of and in sight of I-81 north of New Market, VA).  His wife was Ann Steckley/Stickley, daughter of Johnnes Stockli.

Source: Pages 429-430 of The Neff-Naf Family: A History of The Descendants of Henry Neff, Manor Township, Lancaster County, PA by William Neff (Princeton, NJ: Neff & Associates, 1991).

Note: the Stockli/Steckley/Stickley family was connected to the Daniel Hiestand/Haston family in Knox County, TN and all the way into White County, TN. 

From pages 469 of Pioneers of Old Frederick County Virginia by Cecil O'Dell
(Westminster, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1995)

Dr. John Henry Naffe purchased 200 acres from Adam Sherrill and received a Fairfax grant for Dr. John Henry Naffe Land - Smallthe tract "where he now lives" on 2 August 1750;  the grant was issued for 470 acres.1  (Tract G-390, Map 15)  This tract is located approximately 1 1/2 miles north of New Market, about two miles south of Mount Jackson and U.S. Highway 11 crosses the east section.  Interstate Highway 81 crosses the center of the tract and Shenandoah County Highway 767 runs along the southeast property line.

Naffe had 404 acres located at Bushey Bottom and North River Shenandoah surveyed on 6 March 1749/50.2  He received a Fairfax grant for the 404-acre tract on 20 October 1756.3  (Tract H-710, Map 15)  This tract is accessible by Shenandoah County Highway 730 and Interstate Highway 81 with the highways' interchange located at the east corner.  Stonewall Jackson High School is located within this tract and the Norfolk and Southern Railroad crosses the west section.

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