The Heritage of Daniel Haston


John Stone vs John Mattox & Daniel Haston
1795-1797 Knox Co, TN Court Case

Introductory Notes

  • October 1795 is the date for the court record, even though the events that initiated the case went back to March of 1795 and much of the court activity did not take place until two years later, in 1797.  Thus, the case began before the state of Tennessee was constituted and was settled after Tennessee became a state.

  • This file, of the original court documents, contains several miscellaneous papers related to this case.  The order in which they appear below is not necessarily in the proper chronological order.  

  • This John Stone was probably the early Knoxville business man, by that name, who ran a tavern and inn in Knoxville.  John Sevier visited his place frequently, according to the John Sevier journal.

  • Who was John Mattox?  Was he just a neighbor, or a relative, or an in-law to Daniel?  Susana Matkocks (Maddox - spelling?) was the wife of Isham Bradley, David Haston's marriage bondsman and a man who moved to White County with the Haston family.  Was John Mattox the father of Susana?

Mattox & Haston vs John Stone - Knox Co, TN



Summary of Materials & Information in this Docket File

  • Page that appears to be the original title to the docket, dated “to the April term, 1795”;  John Mattox vs John Stone (and some writing in between that I can’t read)

  • A professionally printed, fill-in-the-blanks type-set form with this information:  

    "Know all men by these presents that we John Mattox & Daniel Hasland (names written out by the court clerk) are jointly and severally held and firmly bound unto John Stone in the penal sum of two hundred and fifty dollars, to be void on condition that the said John Stone doth with effect prosecute a suit by him this day commenced against the said John Stone otherwise to pay and satisfy all costs and damages that may be awarded  for failure.  Witness our hands and seals this 20th day of April, A.D. 1795.

    Then signed by the clerk.  John Mattox by (clerk’s name)

    Daniel Haslon

    Note:  Clerk [note: from material that follows, I think that the attorney for John Mattox signed these names] signed John Mattox’ name and identified it as such, Daniel’s name is written out by the same person (the one who filled in the document) but no indication is given that the clerk signed his name.  It is not a separate handwriting style, so  it seems clear that Daniel did not sign by his own hand.  

  • Another type set form, commanding Sheriff of Knox County to take the body of John Stone and “him safely keep” for a date in court of the fourth Monday of Aprils and “there to answer John (Mattox, I guess…hard to read)………; case damage was said to be 500 pounds

  • Another of those type set forms…commanding the Sheriff of Knox County to collect $11 and forty-four and ½ cents from John Stone.  Dated last Monday of October, 1795.

  • John Stone vs. John Matton and Daniel Hastings, May 16 to July 1797

  • List of charges enclosed.

  • January 7, 1797 – another list of court costs;  this time only John Stone vs. John Matton mentioned (says issued November 27, 1795 to Jan (?), 196; “property found….To April and July 96”; “no property found….to August (?) 1796”

  • Another list of court costs:  a type set page (professionally printed), with fill-in-blanks document to the Sheriff of Knox County to collect $20 and forty-four and ½ cents from John Matton and Daniel Hastings for court costs (last Monday of April, 1797).

  • Another page of court costs, dated March 25 to April 1797.  This time it says: “Scire Facias (or something in Latin) John Stone vs. Daniel Hastings  then there is a separating line and… Suit  John Mattox vs. John Stone”  This is witnessed by Abram (I think it is Abram) Kirkpatrick and Henry Mul… and R. Houston, Sheriff

  • Another type set form…different from the others:

“Whereas on the 20th day of April in the year 1795 John Mattox entered into bond together with Daniel Hasting his security in the sum of 250 dollars which bond was to be void on condition that the said John Mattox would with effect prosecute a suit by him that day commenced against John Stone or otherwise pay and satisfy all costs and damages that would be awarded to failure, which suit the said John Mattox hath failed to prosecute with effect and the costs and charges thereof hath hitherto failed to pay. You are commanded, that by two good and lawful men of your county, you cause to be made known Daniel Hasting personally to appear before our county court of pleas and quarter sessions, to be held for the county of Knox, at the court house in Knoxville, on the last Monday of April next, then and there to shew (?) cause, if any he can, why execution should not insue against his goods chattels, lands and tenements for the amount of the said costs.  And you then and there this writ, together with names of them by whom you make known aforesaid."

Note:  I think this is where Daniel Hasting has to pay up, since he was security for John Mattox and Mattox lost the case.

Signed Chas. McClung on last Monday of January, 1797.

  • Full page handwritten summary of the case by court clerk Wm Cocke (attorney for John Mattox; same guy who wrote Daniel’s name) 

"Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio Knox County May Term 1795"

"John Mattox by William Cocke his attorney complains of John Stone in custody of the Sheriff __ of a pleas of __ __ on the case __ for that where as the said John Stone on the ___ day of March in the year 1795 was indebted unto the said John Mattox in full & Just sum of one hundred pound for work & Labour before that time done & performed by the said John Mattox to the use of the said John Stone at his special instance and request of him the said John Stone and being __ is indebted he the said John Stone then and there faithfully promised and assumed to pay unto the plantiff the said sum of one hundred pounds when __ __ should be thereunto __ never the less the said John Stone __ often required by the plantiff hath not paid unto him the said sum of one hundred pounds or any manner contented him by reason where of the said John Mattox saith he is greatly injured and indamaged five hundred pounds and there upon he sues __"

Wm Cocke atty

Source:  Knox County, TN Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions: Docket # 383/378,
John Stone vs. John Matton [or Mattox] (1795 – 1797)
;  Available at Knox County, TN Archives