The Heritage of Daniel Haston


United States Vs Jacob Welker

Copy of original says:  June 8 to July term, 1795

From the transcribed record:

This day came the Solicitor for the County, and the Defendent having been arrested appeared, and being charged pleads not guilty, and by consent of the parties and with the Assent of the Court, thereupon came a Jury to Wit, Andrew Paul, Amos Bird, Samuel Doak, Jeremiah Matthews, David Laird, Benjamin Blackburn, Peter Stout, Daniel Hasting, Watson Reed, Hugh Bodkin, William Miller, and John Hill, who being elected tried and Sworn the truth of and upon the premises to Speak upon their Oath do Say the Defendent is not Guilty as in pleading he hath alleged.  Therefore it is considered by the Court that he be acquitted of the Assault and Battery aforesaid;  Whereupon the Defendent by his Attorney moved the Court to order the prosecutor to pay the costs of this prosecution, which was argued and the motion discharged.


  1. Original document:  United States vs Jacob Welker; Book “O” (1792 – 1795), Knox County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions; Rhea (attorney) Docket # 320/35 (says 32/320) [at Knox County, TN Archives]

Notes:  Some of the documents that originally went with this file are now missing.  For example, there was no list of jury members, thus Daniel Haston’s name was not found.  Apparently, this part of the file was lost after the transcribed copy was made.  There is a note by John Rhea (attorney) saying that Jacob Welker had settled with him for $5.00.

  1. Transcribed copy:  Page 276 of Knox County, TN Court Minutes Book "O," 1792-1795