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Revolutionary War Historical Information

The period of 1775-1783 is generally regarded to be the official era of the Revolutionary War, although there were  "pre-war" and "post-war" battles that pre-date and post-date that period. 

On September 29, 1785 a North Carolina Revolutionary War military bounty land grant was assigned to a "Daniel Haston."  And the grant states that this man was a "private in the line of this [North Carolina] state."  The assignment of 640 acres would supposedly indicate that he served the full seven years of the war, as a private.

But the legitimacy of this grant is in doubt.  There seems to be no evidence that Daniel Hiestand/Haston left Virginia during the Revolutionary War.  And many of these North Carolina military bounty land grants, especially those assigned by William Faircloth, were later proved to be fraudulent.

Was Daniel Hiestand/Haston of Shenandoah County, VA a veteran of the Revolutionary War - a soldier who fought in the North Carolina Continental Army?  Was he a legitimate recipient of a North Carolina military bounty land grant?

Germans in the Revolutionary War in North Carolina

"The Germans who, as we have seen, were numerous in this State [North Carolina], labored under great disadvantages.  The older more influential part of them hardly knew a word of English; and of course could not so well understand the merits of the controversy [Revolutionary War]; but so far as they did understand it, they were sound whigs and good soldiers."

Source: Page 186 of A Sketch of the Life and Character of the Rev. David Caldwell, D.D. by the Rev. E.W. Caruthers. Greensborough, NC: Swaim and Sherwood, 1842.

Note: The author does not specify the religious affiliation of these North Carolina "Germans."

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