The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Online and Print Resources for Daniel Haston Research  

If you know of other important resources related to Hiestand/Haston research, please contact Wayne Haston.

Arrangement of this Resource List

For the first (and most extensive) section of the list, the arrangement is based on a chronological ordering of locations or events of significance to the Henry Hiestand > Daniel Hiestand/Haston families and Daniel Haston descendants.  But, beginning with "Churches" the arrangement is basically topical, including families and states, etc.

Europe and Emigration to America

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Books on Compact Discs - Hearthstone Legacy Publications

  • Benton County, MO

  • Cedar County, MO

  • Chariton County, MO

  • Dade County, MO

  • Dallas County, MO

  • Greene County, MO

  • Henry County, MO

  • Hickory County, MO

  • Howard County, MO

  • Johnson County, MO

  • McDonald County, MO

  • Pettis County, MO

  • Polk County, MO

  • Pulaski County, MO

  • Reminiscent History of the Ozarks

  • St. Clair County, MO

  • Southeast Region of MO

  • Washington County, MO

  • Webster County, MO


Book on Compact Discs - Hearthstone Legacy Publications

  • Yell County, AR


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