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Mary "Polly" Milliken - Daughter of Daniel Haston?

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 Polly Hastings Milliken, Wife of James Milliken


Mary "Polly" Miliken Grave MarkerIn earlier years, Polly was a common nickname for Mary.  There were two women with the name "(Mary) Polly Hastings" in TN at about the same time.  

One was the daughter of John T. Hastings, who was born in Buncombe County, NC and later moved to middle TN.  This "Polly" married Thomas Thomas and was mentioned in her father's 1830 Franklin County, TN will as "daughter." Her sister, Peggy Hastings who married John Ault, was also mentioned in this will (see will transcription in the John T. Hastings section of this Hastings family page).

According to Knox County, TN marriage records, the other (Mary) "Polly" Hastings married James Milliken in Knox County on September 4, 1805.  They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery in Shelby County, Illinois.  The tombstone markings were transcribed and can be found in Inscriptions of Shelby County, IL Cemeteries, Volume III, as recorded 1971-1972 by Edward H. Boedecker (published January 1973).  This volume can be found at the Shelby County (Illinois) Historical Society

Debbie Clark visited this cemetery on February 10, 1999.  At that time, Mary's stone had fallen flat on the ground but was still readable.  Mary's stone read:

Mary wife of James Miliken
 Died Jan. 20, 1849
Aged  67 yrs

James' stone was unreadable in 1999 and had been broken.  But according to the Boedecker 1971-1972 transcription, his stone once read:  

James Miliken
 Died Sept. 20, 1836
Aged 45 yrs

These inscriptions put Mary's birth year at 1782 and James' birth year at 1791.  According to Mary E. Fouts, a petition from the May 1849 term of the Shelby County, IL Court referred to the time of James' death as having been in "the month of May, 1830."  

We have no documents that link this Mary "Polly" Milliken with the Daniel Haston / Hastings family.  However, the time (September 4, 1804) and place (Knox County, TN) of her marriage to James Milliken do seem to indicate that they may have been in the same county in east TN at the same time.  Daniel was known to have been in Knox County as late as October 7, 1801.  Perhaps he was there for a few more years, because July 22, 1806 is the earliest that we know that he was in White County.  We have no documentation to specify the exact year that Daniel left Knox County, however we do know that Daniel's son David remained in Knox County until late in 1806 or early 1807 (later than his father, Daniel).

Also, a letter* remaining in the Knoxville Post Office for John Millikin was sent to him in "care of Samuel Cowen" (Cowan).  This Samuel Cowan was the man who sued Joseph Haston in the 1800-1802 Knox County, TN "timothy lot" case.  Samuel Cowan owned land adjacent to the land that Daniel Haston was renting from John and Jane Wood in the period around 1800.  Perhaps John Millikin lived on the Cowan land (which would explain why a letter was addressed to him in care of Samuel Cowan) adjacent to Daniel Haston and perhaps Mary "Polly" Hastings was the the daughter of Daniel Haston (Hastings) and she married the son of neighbor John Millikin (Milliken), who was James Milliken.  John Miliken appeared eight names down from Danl. Haston on the 1787 Washington County NC/TN tax list with 239 acres.  So, apparently John Milliken and Daniel Haston were neighbors in Washington County in 1787.  (Page 211 of the Early East Tennessee Taxpayers by Pollyanna Creekmore)

List of Letters - November 21, 1796 Knoxville Gazette

*Source:  November 14 & 21, 1796 issues of the Knoxville (TN) Gazette. 

Also, there was a James Millikin, Sr. and a James Millikin, Jr. in Knox County, TN in 1795.
Source:  James Millikin & James Millikin, Jr. vs. John Hill, Docket 325/237 of Knox Co, TN Court of Pleas & Quarterly Sessions (documents dated from September 1795 through January 1798.

Some researchers believe that this Polly Hastings Milliken was the daughter of Henry C. Hastings of Orange County, NC, John T. Hastings' brother.  But, this Henry C. Hastings married Mary Cates in Orange County, NC on February 15, 1790.  This was eight years after (Mary) "Polly's" birth.  Also, there is no proof that Henry C. Hastings ever lived in east TN.  He was on the Orange County, NC census (as per for the years 1800 and 1810.  Shortly thereafter, he moved to Bedford County in middle TN. 

There was a James Milligan on the 1820 census of Bedford County, TN, but he was over 45 and Polly's husband was 35 at the time.  (According to a Deane Porch transcript of the Bedford Co, TN 1820 census, the census numbers for this James Milligan household were:  110002-20110.)

A William Pruet (possibly the husband of Sarah Roddy, daughter of James & Mary McComesky Roddy) sold 110 acres of land to Elisha Millikan in Jefferson Co, TN on October 26, 1822.  Was there any McComesky-Roddy-Haston-Millican connection between the families of these two men?  The oldest child of James & Mary Millican could only have been about 16 years old in 1822, so Elisha would not have been their son.  And Joyce Kerr says that this man would not have been related to the James Millican who married Mary/Polly Hastings.
Source:  Pages 227-228 of Jefferson Co, TN Deed Book I (1821-1840)

Joseph Haston, with help from Dennis Towmey, sold James Roddy's Guilford County, NC estate settlement land to a Samuel Millican (Millikan) in 1802.  This Samuel Millicans was probably one of the Quaker Millicans of that area.

Note:  There were lots of Millicans who lived where Philip Roddy and James Ryan lived in SW Guilford and NW Randolph Counties of NC.  They were Quakers, at least some of them. Perhaps the Millican family connections with Roddys and Haston began back in North Carolina.

James Millikin married to Polly Hastings

Email from Joyce Kerr Whose Husband Descended from James & Polly Hastings Milliken
Wayne,                                                                                                                               June 18, 2004

My husband descends from James Milliken and Polly Hastings.  We visited Ridge Cemetery before James Milliken's gravestone had completely deteriorated.  We found two pieces, when fit together, which gave his age as 45.  This was no doubt an incorrect carving because if his marriage record is recorded accurately, he would have been only age 13 when he married.

A Shelby Co IL general store ledger from the 1830's shows James Milliken paid a bill there, Dec 1835.  We have his death record to be Sep 1836 at age  55.
James Milliken's oldest daughter, Hanna, married Isaac Williams in Knox Co TN.  Isaac and Hanna moved to Shelby Co IL with James and Polly. 
The James Milligan family of 1820 Bedford Co TN Census matches the James Milliken family of 1830 Shelby Co IL. 
Without documented proof (we're still working on it), we believe James father was James Milliken, and that James had a brother named John who lived in Knox Co (is he the John of the letter)?   John left TN  with James and Polly.   The 1820 Bedford Co TN Census shows two males over age 45 (remember to add 10 yrs to James Milliken's age) and a female believed to be John's wife. 
John Milliken was a resident of the county next to Shelby Co IL.
Do you have any information on Samuel Hastings who was possibly a brother of Daniel?  Samuel may have been Polly's father who died young...and it's possible Polly was living with Daniel when she married Milliken in Knox Co, 1805.  There could also be a connection to the Daniel Hastings in Bedford Co, TN although, like you, we've never found any proof that the Orange Co NC Daniel was ever in Knox Co TN.
I appreciate all the help you can provide and I'll be happy to share with you all the information we have collected. 
Joyce Kerr 

P.S.  Sorry, but I forgot to mention the Elisha Millikan you referenced in Jefferson Co TN was a Quaker who lived near Dandridge, TN.  I don't believe there is any connection at all.

Email from Mary Fouts, Descendent of James and Mary Milliken

I am a descendant of James and Mary Milliken.  My grandfather was Jesse Franklin Henderson, s/o Emily Jane Milliken Henderson, d/o Jesse Milliken, youngest son of James and Mary, born in 1825, TN.  James & Mary were my 3g-grandparents. 

I have a deed that proves James bought 320 acres of land in Shelby County, Illinois on 24 April 1830.  The partition in 1849, after Mary dies, gives James's death date as May 1830.  The stone says September 20.  I used white sidewalk chalk on the stone and I read the year to be 1830, not 1836.  With the year in the deed and the age given on the stone this would make his birth year 1785, about 3 years younger than Mary and not 9yrs, as the reading in the cemetery book.

Joyce Kerr [see above] said she found and entry where James Milliken paid a bill in 1836.  Could this be James and Mary's son James?  He was born in about 1817 and married Lucinda Mitchel, 31 Oct 1841. 

Isaac Williams married 1: Eliza Jane Milliken, 6 Jan. 1825, Knox Co. TN. 
Isaac married 2: Sarah Milliken, Eliza Jane's sister, 13 June, 1835, Shelby Co. IL. 
James and Mary's daughter Hannah married Absolum Conner, 30 May 1835, Shelby Co. IL.

I do have all the children for James and Mary.

I would like to add I have found no proof that "my" James Milliken married Mary Hasting. I found a marriage for James and Mary that fit the date for their children, but I have no other documentation to prove that it is the same James and Mary.

Mary Fouts