The Heritage of Daniel Haston



The "Immigrant Ancestor" for the Swiss-German PA-to-VA (and beyond) Hiestand family.

Hiestand (Hier Stehe! = "stand here!")

Page 317 of Americana Germanica, edited by Marion Dexter Learned. Volume IV, No. 1, 1901.  Article: "Studies in Pennsylvania German Family Names" by Oscar Kuhns. 
Page 175 of Deutsche Familiennamen by Wilheim Tobler-Meyer (Zurich: Albert Muller's Verlag, 1894).

An "Immigrant Ancestor" is an ancestor who crossed the ocean, from some other continent, to come to and settle in America.  Heinrich Hiestand is the immigrant ancestor of all of his American descendants.  Daniel Haston and his siblings were first-generation Americans, in the sense that they were born in America as the children of an immigrant from Germany, Heinrich Hiestand (whose ancestors had emigrated from Switzerland to Germany a few generations before him).

Henry Hiestand was born on October 8, 1704 in the Palatinate region of Germany and died on October 5, 1779 in Virginia.  "He arrived in America in 1726 and was single upon his arrival. He was in Lancaster County, PA early but is not found on any passenger lists.  It is assumed that he arrived before 1727." (Beginning in 1727, ship captains were required to create and submit lists of passengers.) 
Source: Page 83 of "Swiss and German Mennonite Immigrants From the Palatinate, 1718-1726" by Richard Warren Davis in Volume XIII, Number 2 (April 1994) of Mennonite Family History.

A grandson of Henry Hiestand reported that "his grandfather Hiestand was also a native of Germany, and emigrated to Lancaster County, PA in 1727."  The author stated that this was an "authentic record, personal knowledge, and statements made to me by Joseph Hiestand, an older brother of Samuel."
Note: This Joseph Hiestand was a son of Jacob Hiestand, son of Henry Hiestand.
Source: Page 368 of Authentic Genealogical Memorial History of Philip Powell, of Mifflin County, PA: And His Descendants and Others, with Miscellaneous Items and Incidents of Interest, Volume I. Dayton, OH: Published by author, 1880.

As far as we know, Heinrich Hiestand lived in only two areas of America.

Mid-1720s - c. 1743
c. 1743 - 1779

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