The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Two "Daniel H." Men of South-Central KY - Early 1800s

In the same era of the early 1800s, there were at least two "Daniel H____" men living in the same general area of south-central KY.  Researchers have inadvertently assumed that these were the same men, but closer examination of the records indicate that this was not the case. 

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There is documented evidence that seems to indicate that Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY did have some close familial relationship to the Daniel Haston of White County, TN, probably a son of the senior Daniel Haston. 

And Daniel Hestand of Monroe County, KY was almost definitely a nephew of the Daniel Haston who is buried in the Big Fork Cemetery of early White County, TN.

Daniel Hestand
of Monroe County, KY

Father: Abraham Hiestend / Hestand
Mother: Magdalene Boehm

Birth: October 13, 1770 in Frederick Co, VA
Wife 1: Elizabeth Mosier
b: 1772 in VA
Married: November 7, 1793 in Washington Co, TN (as per his military record, he was in the Cherokee Wars at this time)
Children: John Hestand
b: 1794 in Washington Co, TN
Mary Magdalene Hestand
b: 13 Jun 1796 in Washington Co, TN
Margaret Hestand
b: 13 Jan 1798 in Washington Co, TN
Elizabeth Hestand
b: 1800 in Cumberland Co, KY
Abraham M. Hestand
b: 22 Oct 1802 in Cumberland Co, KY
Katherine Hestand
b: 1804 in Cumberland Co, KY
Daniel Boehm Hestand
b: 1806 in Cumberland Co, KY
Phillip Mosier Hestand
b: 1808 in Cumberland Co, KY
Joshua Kelly Hestand
b: 7 Jan 1812 in Cumberland Co, KY
Wife 2: Mary "Polly" Carter*
(married in 1841)
His Death: December 31, 1856
in Monroe Co, KY


OCCUPATION : Farmer, Hatter, Brick Maker

RELIGION : Feb. 8, 1800, Joined Mill Creek Baptist Church, (Old Mulkey Meeting House) Monroe Co. KY (See Stockton Valley Association activity)

1804 Daniel owned one hundred acres on McFarland Creek in Monroe (Cumberland) Co, which was from the Tellico Grants (Land ceded to U S by Cherokee Indians) in KY (976.9 K37j). The survey date was 02-20-1804.

He received three grants from the state of Kentucky for land in Monroe Co., KY, and Jackson (now Clay) Co., Tenn.; on Oct 22, 1825, he received 100 acres on Proctor's Creek, and on July 2, 1837, 75 acres on Knob and Proctor's Creeks in Jackson Co., and on Jan 13, 1826, he received 50 acres on McFarland's Creek in Monroe Co.

He joined the Mill Creek Baptist Church at Tompkinsville, KY., on Feb. 8, 1800; was a member of the McFarland's Creek Church from 1827 to 1841. He represented it in the Baptist Association in 1827-34, 1836, and 1840; in 1829 he was sent to help the Sulphur Church; in 1830 he prepared a rule of church decorum; in 1833 he was appointed to invite a new minister; in 1839 he was sent to request help from the Mill Creek and Cumberland Churches. In 1841 he and his second wife Polly, whom he had probably married shortly before, were dismissed from the church at their own request.

Minutes of Pleasant Run Church on McFarland Creek 1827-1844 list Daniel as a member.

"Hannah Boone & Her Descendants" refer to Daniel as being a German Mennonite. Some of the family later belonged to the Germany Church of Christ.

1840 Census Monroe Co, KY - living alone.
1850 Census Monroe Co, KY - living with Daniel are Mary Hestand age 41 (b NC) and John S Mulkey age 24 laborer (b KY).

"Deaths" 976.9685 V2i p17, age 86, farmer.

Per "Kentucky Genealogy...." by Battle, Perrin, Kniffin 1886, Daniel died in 1858 at age 83. @S114 @pgs 446 @S106 @pgs 47 & 48
REFN: 112

Source for above information:  Annette Goodwin GEDCOM records

*Elizabeth Mosier died in the 1830s and Daniel Hestand then married  Mary "Polly" Carter (probably a widow) in 1841. 
Source:  Joel Moore

Daniel Haston (more)
of Adair County, KY

Father: Daniel Haston?
(of White County, TN)
It is possible (perhaps probable) that this KY "Daniel Haston" was the namesake son of the elder "Daniel Haston" who lived and died (1826) in White County, TN.  Perhaps this younger KY "Daniel" moved to Kentucky before/at the same time/after the elder Daniel Haston moved to middle TN.  This would certainly explain the apparent connection between the KY Daniel Haston's family and the TN Daniel Haston's family.
Mother: Unknown

Birth: Between 1785-1789
Wife: Chloe Skaggs
b: about 1786
d: one source says she died abt. 1808, but daughter Louisa was born in 1811
Married: October 21, 1807 in Adair Co, KY
Children: Louisa (Eliza) Hastings
b: August 15, 1811 in Adair Co, KY

Louisa married Thomas Taylor Green on September 22, 1829 in White Co, TN by David Hastings, Esq.*

Elizabeth Haston
Polly Haston
Peggy Haston

Louisa (Eliza) may have been the only child born to Chloe Skaggs Haston, prior to her death which apparently occurred shortly after her marriage to Daniel Haston.

*Source:  "Family Record" from a very old family Bible, assumed to have been the Bible of Thomas Taylor Green & Louisa (Eliza) Hastings Green.
His Death: Archibald Skaggs' will seems to suggest that Daniel Haston was deceased by 1832 and a Daniel Haston will and estate settlement indicate that he died in the summer of 1820.


The fact that Louisa, daughter of Daniel and Chloe Skaggs Haston / Hastings, was married (to Thomas T. Green) by David Haston (Hastings), Esq. in White Co, TN seems to indicate some relationship between the Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY family and the Daniel Haston / David Haston of White Co, TN family.  White Co, TN was & is approximately 100 miles due south from Adair Co, KY.  It is highly unlikely that this wedding of Louisa Haston / Hastings by David Haston was just a coincidental connection of people with the same surnames - especially since Louisa and her fiancÚ traveled 100 miles to be wed by this particular justice of the peace.

Thomas Taylor Green and Louisa Hastings Green moved to what became Colbert County in northwest Alabama.

One source says that Chloe Skaggs Haston died in about 1808-1809 and that Daniel Haston married Betsy Harrison on January 10, 1810.  This, however, does not account for the August 15, 1811 (as per the family Bible record) birth of Louisa (Eliza) Hastings, whose marriage records states her mother to be Chloe Hastings, wife of Daniel Hastings.  But both of Louisa's parents died when she was a young girl, so it is plausible to think that she did not know for sure when she was born.

Signed note for marriage of John Johnston and Anny Skaggs, daughter of Archibald Skaggs, who were married September 15, 1814 by Thomas Skaggs; attest Charles Skaggs.

Daniel left a will dated June 6, 1820 in Adair Co, KY; named no wife, only children.

Named in June 1, 1832 will of Archibald Skaggs (Daniel's father in law):  "I also confirm the gift to DANIEL HEISTON; Heir ELIZA HASTON of one Dollar it is my desire that after the death of my wife the negro boy named George shall be the property of my son THOMAS to be possessed by him for him any use benefit in consequence of his paying ninety Dollars which I owe to DANIEL HASTON heirs..."


Adair Co, KY Daniel Haston Timeline


Or was the...
Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY the Son of Samuel Haston of Barren Co, KY?

Samuel Haston (of 1810 Barren Co, KY census)

Abraham Hiestand's father-in-law was Samuel Boehm.  It is generally believed, by Hiestand family researchers, that the Samuel Hastings (and other surname spellings) who lived in east TN (then NC) near Abraham Hiestand/Heaston was the oldest son of Abraham & Magdalene Boehm Hiestand/Heaston.  It is also generally believed that this is the same man who appears, as Samuel Haston, on the 1810 Barren Co, KY census.

If this was true, then Samuel Haston of Barren Co, KY would have been the brother of Daniel Hestand of Monroe Co, KY.  If Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY was the son of Samuel Haston of Barren Co, KY, then Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY would have been the nephew of Daniel Hestand of Monroe Co, KY.  Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY would, thus, probably have been named after his uncle, Daniel Hestand of Monroe Co, KY.

However, there is no documented evidence to support this Samuel Haston (of Barren Co, KY) to Daniel Haston (of Adair Co, KY) relationship, other than the two of them lived near in the same general area of south central KY at the same time and both spelled their names "Haston."  Also, the ages of Samuel Haston of Barren Co, KY and Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY would certainly fit a father-son relationship.

The 1810 Barren Co, KY "Saml Haston" had (living in his household) 1 white male under 10 and he (Samuel) was in the 26-44 years of age category (thus, born between 1766-1784).  A female (apparently, his wife) was in the same 26-44 age range.  There were three white females under 10 and one white female in the 10-15 age bracket.  If the "Daniel Haston" who married Chloe Skaggs in 1807 was the son of this Samuel Haston, Daniel would probably have been the older brother of these younger siblings.  Samuel Haston does not appear in subsequent KY Federal census reports.

The Hestand family researchers who have researched the early KY Hestand families for many years seem to have no records of this Daniel Haston and Chloe Skaggs. 

NC Continental Army Rev War soldier Oliver Hasten / Haston (who died in or shortly after the Rev War) had a son, Samuel Haston / Hasten who inherited Oliver's military land grant.  It is possible that this Barren Co, KY could have been that Samuel Haston, but we have no evidence to support that possibility.  Daniel Haston family researchers have sometimes speculated that Oliver Hasten / Hasten may have been the brother of Daniel Haston (who died in White Co, TN).

1 June 1832
In the name of God Amen. I ARCHIBALD SKAGGS, Senr. of Adair County & State of Kentucky being weak in body but of sound sense & do publish this my last will and Testament in the manner following first it is my desire that my beloved Wife BARBARA SKAGGS live on and occupy the farm where she now lives during her natural life also to possess all my estate both real & personal during her life time. I desire to be sold after my decease so much of my personal property as will pay my just debts also my sons CHARLES and ARCHIBALD to occupy the land they now live on and my son THOMAS to live with and take care of his mother as long as she lives & keep all my property together & after her death I want the land to be Equally divided between my three sons (viz) CHALES ARCHIBALD & THOMAS SKAGGS to be divided in such a manner as for each one to possess the same land he now Occupys. THOMAS to have his part where his Mother lives including house spring orchard &c I wish the negroes to remain in the possession of my wife duering her life time and at her death I want Sam to be liberated and Made free I want Delph and her & her increase to be given to my daughters RACHEL & MALINDA Equally Between the two & if one of them die without an heir the sd. Delph & increase is to be the property of the surviving one to my son THOMAS my Daughters RACHEL & MALINDA to Each one I give one bed & furniture one cow & calf to Each I give to my son THOMAS one Bay horse caled Bluster, also the Bluster filly I give to my Daughter RACHEL one gray mare I give to my Daughter MELINDA Comets colt which property they are to receive now to LEWIS TOMLIN I give one sorrel colt which he is to have when he becomes twenty one years old And after that if he remains with his Grandmother I wish him to have one bed & furniture and receive some part of the crop for his servises after the death of my wife it is my desire for all my remaining property such as stock, farming tools, house hold furniture &c to be sold and the money Equally Divided among all my children I also confirm the gift to DANIEL HEISTON; Heir ELIZA HASTON of one Dollar it is my desire that after the death of my wife the negro boy named George shall be the property of my son THOMAS to be possessed by him for him any use benefit in consequence of his paying ninety Dollars which I owe to DANIEL HASTON heirs and all other just debts due from me I appoint THOMAS H. GAINES, my sons CHARLES & THOMAS SKAGGS Executors to this my last will and Testament In witness whereof I have this 1st day of June 1832 set my hand and seal. ARCHIBALD SKAGGS
State of Kentucky & Adair County Sct.
At a County Court began & held for the said County the Courthouse in Columbia on Monday the 6th day of May 1833 This last will & Testament of ARCHIBALD SKAGGS dec=92d. was produced in Court and proven in due form of law by the oaths of MEIT HAMILTON & JAMES A. RICHARDSON subscribeing witneses there to and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of CHARLES SKAGGS & THOMAS SKAGGS two of the Executors therein named the execution of the said will was granted them they having taken the oath required by law & executed & acknowledged bond in the final sum of two thousand Eight hundred Dollars with THOMAS H. GAINES & WILLIAM H TINSLEY their securities conditioned as the law directs.