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Lost Creek Austin Cemetery - Plat and Graves

You can view a picture of each marked grave in the Austin Cemetery by clicking on the appropriate location on the plat to the right or by linking from the following list:

 1. Austin Memorial
      South view
      North view
      East view
      West view
  2. John Austin
  3. Rachael (Denny) Austin
  4. Mary Ann (Todd) Austin
  5. Nathaniel Austin
  6. Mary Austin
  7. James Richard Frazier
  8. Catherine (Smith) Frazier
  9. Elizabeth Austin
10. Susan (Austin) Frazier
11. Robert Lee Austin
12. William Austin
13. Jackson Austin
14. John Austin
15. William Austin
16. Alis Adelia Anderson
17. Hannah Austin
18. John Wesley Austin
19. Bird Austin
20. Elizabeth Austin Anderson
21. Jude Austin
22. Nancy Austin
23. Catherine (Haston) Austin
24. Thomas M. Anderson
25. Matthias Austin
26. Nathan Austin
27. Isabelle Austin
28. James Grover Anderson
29. Susan Austin
30. Infant of W.B. Austin
31. Louvina Anderson
32. Infant of W.E. Anderson
33. Caroline Anderson
34. William Pleasant Anderson
35. Samuel Walter Anderson
36. Mary Elizabeth (Austin) Anderson
37. Clifford Ray Holman

Regarding notes indicated on the plat:  
There are numerous other graves in the Austin Cemetery, other than the ones that are marked with readable stones.
1.  Notes from Bess Machtley would indicate that she believed that one of the graves in this area might be Romey Lee Anderson, infant child of William Edward & Flora Anderson.  Another grave may have been that of Ethel Anderson, an infant child (no other data given).
2.  These markers are thought to be the graves of the slaves.
3.  According to Bess Machtley's notes, she was told that there are five children from the Hale family buried here who were not directly related to the Austins.
4.  Bess Machtley speculated that James Austin, son of Nathaniel or Mary Hudgens may be buried in this area.  However, in June of 2001, Ray Austin learned that James Austin is buried in the Carter Bilbrey Cemetery, south of Livingston, TN.  James Austin, the second son of Nathaniel & Mary Austin, born about 1806/1807 and died about 1895 as indicated on his stone, is buried next to his daughter Eli Whitney Austin Bilbrey, born Aug 3, 1850 and died April 6, 1908.  LOCATION OF CEMETERY:  The Overton County Roll Call, Cemetery Records 1795-1975 by Gary Denton Norris, 1987, has both James Austin and Elia Bilbrey listed.  To get to the Carter Bilbrey Cemetery, take Highway 111 south of the Livingston, TN square, about 1 mile.  Turn left at the traffic light and onto Old Highway 42.  Go about 1/2 mile and turn left onto Highway 84 toward Monterey.  Go about 5 miles and turn left onto Highland Mountain Road.  Go to the top of the hill and drive just a short ways and watch for a green road sign on the right that has "BILBREY CEM LN."  The beautiful cemetery is located on a small knoll.  The graves are in the center of the cemetery and are of the same old-style grave stones as the old graves in the Austin Cemetery in Lost Creek.
5.  Bess Machtley thought that two of the unmarked graves in this area may be two of Nathaniel Austin's infant children who were not named.
6.  These ground stones are believed to be graves of some of the slaves.  It is known that they were buried in the cemetery.

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