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Bennett Valley Cemetery - General Info

Apparently, there has been a considerable amount of confusion regarding which Bennett Valley Cemetery lots were purchased by the Hastings family.  

  • Page 24 of the cemetery records book indicates that four lots belonged to Green Hasting (Hartwell Greene Hastings), son of Isaac & Agnes Hastings.
    #248 (size 12 x 16) - Mrs. G. Hasting & Nancy Hasting were interred in this lot
    #249 (size 24 x 28) - Grandpa & Grandma Hasting interred (probably Isaac & Agnes)
    #238 (size 12 x 12?) - Unknown two children, Mr. Hasting
    #250 (size not given) - Stone for Nancy, wife of Fletcher D. Hasting - Died 1900, age 53
    Note:  There is no date given for these notes on page 24, but they appear to have been written at a relatively late date.

  • Pages 40 & 41 contain a September 15, 1896 discussion regarding confusion as to the ownership of Lot #250.  It appears that Mr. J. Parent did $10 worth of work on a fence at the cemetery in 1868.  In return for his work, he was supposed to have been deeded Lot #250, on which his father was buried.  It seems that Mr. ____ Hastin was buried on this lot (apparently in addition to Mr. Parent's father).  In this 1896 meeting, the cemetery trustees granted the lot, except for the portion on which "Mr. ____ Hastin" was buried, to Mrs. M. Talbot (as well as the "south half of Lot #251 in lieu of the reserve made on Lot #250").  Mrs. M. Talbot must have been a descendent of the Mr. Parent to whom the lot was supposed to have been deeded.

    Note:  Isaac's son, Hartwell Greene Hastings, appears to have married into this "Parent" family (to Mary Ann Parent) in 1864.  It seems though, that she is buried in Lot #248, just across the walkway from the Lot #250 that the father of Mr. J. Parent acquired through his fence work.

  • Page 125 contains an April 30, 1960 attempt to clarify some confusion regarding some lots, including those (#'s 248, 249, 238, 250, in that order) owned by Green Hastin that were listed on page 24.  The book states:
    "On page 37, #250 is listed, along with 1/2 of 251, for Mrs. Mary Talbot.  As 250 is across a walkway from the other Hastin lots, & #239, touching both 238 and 249,  is not listed as sold, it appears that 250 is correctly listed under Talbot & 239 may belong to Hastin."


  • On which lot are Isaac and Agnes Hastings actually buried?  Lot #249?
  • Regarding Mrs. G. Hastin and Nancy and lot #248, is this Mary Ann Parent Hasting (first wife of Hartwell Greene Hastings, who died before 1869) and a young daughter of Hartwell Greene and Mary Ann Parent Hastings?
  • Which Mr. Hastin and two unknown children are buried in Lot #238?
  • On which lot is Nancy's (wife of Fletcher D. Hastings) 1900 tombstone?  Lot #250?  If so, how could that be since the lot had been deeded earlier to another family
  • Who, if any one, is buried on lot #239?  In 1960, it was thought to have belonged to the Hastin family.

If you have information that would help us to answer any of these questions, please contact us.

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Page 24 - Listing of Lots Owned by Hasting Family (Date Unknown)


Page 40 - Confusion Regarding Lot #250, Discussed in 1896


Page 41 - Continued from Page 40 (see above)


Page 125 - Attempt in 1960 to Clarify Confusion of Lots