The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Big Fork Baptist Church - White & Van Buren Co, TN

There is talk that sometimes on a cold clear night the sounds of group singing can be heard coming from the hill where Big Fork Church stood.  I personally have never heard it, but then I haven't done any coon hunting in that neighborhood.                                           -Hoyte Cook

Big Fork Baptist - Stockton Valley Association Era

Big Fork Baptist - Caney Fork Association Era

Site of the Big Fork Baptist Church


Now, when we think of the "Big Fork" area of Van Buren County, TN (formerly a part of White County), we think of the old cemetery by that name.  The early settlers of that area would have thought of the Baptist Church from which the cemetery received its name and which was located at the Big Fork Cemetery site.  This Primitive Baptist church was probably constituted in 1808 and may have dissolved by 1856.

We don't even know for sure if the Hastons were ever associated with the Big Fork Church, although evidence seems to point to some involvement by them in the church:

  1. The church was established just shortly after they arrived in the area.
  2. Daniel, David, and Joseph (and their spouses, we assume) were buried in the church's cemetery.
  3. Several of the Haston "kids" married into Big Fork Baptist Church families.
  4. They certainly lived very close to the Big Fork Church.

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