The Heritage of Daniel Haston


                   The Children of Daniel Haston


David Haston
Joseph Haston
Catherine Austin Haston
Isaac Haston/Hastings
Jesse Haston Jeremiah MC Haston

In his (Daniel Haston's) family were thirteen children...

Elizabeth Roddey
Lucinda Mitchell
Mary Milliken
Daniel Haston



Brief Bios of Daniel's Children and Possible Children

Prior to the availability of DNA testing, there  were only two children, David & Joseph, who are known for sure to have been the children of Daniel Haston.  

Three others, Catherine, Isaac, & Jesse lived in White County, TN at the time Daniel's family was living there.  There is sufficient documented evidence to believe that they were children of Daniel Haston, especially for Isaac who seems to have inherited 50 acres of Daniel's farm.  DNA testing, involving descendents of Isaac and Jesse has confirmed their connection to the Daniel Haston family.  Unfortunately, DNA testing of female descendants is not effective or reliable, so we do not have DNA evidence to connect Catherine to Daniel.

Jeremiah MC Haston, who was born in Tennessee and died in Missouri, was apparently unknown to most twentieth century Daniel Haston family researchers.  But in about 2005, evidence surfaced that led to a tentative conclusion that Jeremiah MC might be another son of Daniel.  DNA testing of a male descendent of Jeremiah MC revealed that he was related to Daniel as closely as the descendents of other sons of Daniel.  In the process of researching Jeremiah MC, it was learned that some of his descendents had already, long before DNA testing, connected him back to Daniel Haston of White County, TN.  But we have not yet seen the documentation upon which they based this connection.

An 1802 power of attorney document, issued in Knox County, TN, refers to Daniel Haston as "Dannel Haston Sr."  This indicates that Daniel Haston either had a son by that name or a close relative by the same name, such as a nephew (Sr. and Jr. sometimes were used with uncles and nephews).  But we do not know for sure who that would be.  Some information we have located regarding a Daniel Haston of Adair County, KY seem to connect him to Daniel Haston, Sr. of early White County, TN.  Unfortunately, this younger Daniel Haston from south central Kentucky died fairly early, leaving no male offspring.  He had two daughters.  Louisa married Thomas Taylor Green and Polly (Mary) married Matthew Vermillion.

The biographical sketch of Daniel's grandson, William Carroll Haston, says that there were thirteen children in Daniel's family.  That number would be consistent with typical family sizes of that day.  Thus, it is likely that Daniel Haston was the father of several other children, whose names and life histories we do not know. 

The Danl Heaston who appeared on the 1775 Dunmore County, VA census had two daughters (apparently) who were born before November 1775.  If this was the same man as the White County, TN "Daniel Haston" then there were at least two sisters in Daniel Haston's family who were older than David Haston (born May 6, 1777), the oldest known son of Daniel.

1775 Dunmore County, VA Census