The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Daniel's Wife (or Wives): What We Know and Don't Know

Daniel Haston's wife (or wives) has been a subject of keen interest by many Haston family researchers over the years. There is little doubt that he married Christina Nave (or Neff/Naffe) on or about September 28, 1773 in Dunmore (Shenandoah) County, VA (now parts of which are Page County, VA). The Swiss-German Hiestand and Nave (Neff) families appear to have been closely connected in Lancaster County, PA prior to their migration to Virginia. But the family connections go all the way back to Ibersheim on the Rhine River region in Germany and perhaps even to their 1600s country of origin, Switzerland.

Dr. John Henry Naffe/Neff moved his family to the west side of the Massanutten Mountain at approximately the time (about 1750) that Daniel was born (presumably, on the east side of the same mountain).  Although there is no documented evidence to prove it, circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that Christina Nave (or Neff/Naffe) was the daughter of this Dr. John Henry Neff, who lived only a few miles from Powell's Fort Valley on top of the Massanutten Mountain, where Daniel was known to live at least as early as 1775.

And did Christina die, as did so many pioneer women, in childbirth or of some other premature cause? And, if so, did Daniel marry again, once or more times?

Here is a collection of information related to what we know and do not know about the wife or wives of Daniel Haston.

Grave of Daniel Haston's wife?Christina Nave / Neff Information

There is no documented evidence to know whether or not Christina Nave lived long enough to accompany Daniel Haston in his eventual move to middle Tennessee. But nonetheless, some descendents of Daniel erected a monument to her memory in the Big Fork Cemetery, beside the grave of Daniel.

We do not know for sure if a wife of Daniel is buried in the Big Fork Cemetery. And if a wife of Daniel is buried next to him, it is possible that the wife could be a second (or third) wife.

Neff (alternate spelling for the surname "Nave") researchers have been uncertain regarding Christina Nave's connection to a specific Neff family.  Geographically, she ONLY fits the Dr. John Henry Neff (who died in 1784) family of the New Market, VA area. But, her name does not appear on his will, which has led Neff researchers to assume that she was not a daughter of Dr. John Henry Neff.  And the spelling of her surname (Nave) on the marriage record was more common for the Dr. Hans Conrad Nave who lived in Southeast Virginia - Western North Carolina (now East Tennessee) area as early as 1774.  So, Neff/Nave researchers, prior to 2010, concluded that she was from the Dr. Hans Conrad Nave family.

But, when it became known to Neff researchers that the "Daniel Histand" that Christina Nave/Neff married in Shenandoah County, VA in 1773 was living just across the Massanutten mountain to the east of Dr. John Henry Neff - and maybe even closer, on top of the Massanutten mountain in the Powell's Fort Valley (10 miles or less from Dr. Neff's home) - Bill Neff revisited (and revised) his thinking regarding Christina's family.

Compare the 2001 and 2010 correspondence between William (Bill) Neff and Wayne Haston.

Christina Nave - Original 2001 Thoughts from Bill Neff

William Neff wrote:  "Christina Nave G516 (family file #), b. abt. 1750 we believe in Augusta County, VA, was the daughter of Dr. Hans Conrad Näf and Katherina Isler, who immigrated from Kt. Zuerich in 1734.  We have no records of Conrad Näf after 1750 and believe he was killed during the Lord Dunmore wars with the Indians.  His descendents all moved to the part of western North Carolina that is now east Tennessee.  From Shenandoah County, VA marriages, we have her married to a Daniel Histand on 28 Sept 1773."
Source:  Personal email (10-15-2001) from William Neff, editor of The Neff News to Wayne Haston.

According to Neff research records, Christina was possibly/probably the sister of:

  • John Nave (born about 1736 in PA & died after 1800 in Cocke Co, TN; he married "Eve ___" before 1760)
  • Henry (Knave) Nave (born about 1736 in PA and died 1787 in Shenandoah Co. or Rockingham Co, VA; he married "Margaret____" about 1756)
  • Unknown sister (born abut 1743 in PA or MD)
  • Teter (Detrich) Nave (born about 1745 in PA and died 1805 in Carter Co, TN; he married Ann Vanderpool in 1766/1768 in Rowen Co, NC)
  • Conrad Nave (born about 1750 in PA)

Christina Nave - Revised 2010 Thoughts from Bill Neff

August 7, 2010


Spent the last day or two rethinking who Christiana Neff\Nave might be. My current thinking is she has NO connections with the Naves found in the southern VA or TN area.  Looking at her being from the Neffs of Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  Jacob Hiestand aka ... land in Manor twp was next to that of Henry Neff the 1717 immigrant who with a 99% probability came from Ibersheim as did the Hiestands.

As a note the Neff lands were in Hempfield Twp. until 1750 when the township boundary line was moved and became Manor Twp.

Regarding the Christina Neff who married Daniel, he was the son of Heinrich b. 1704.  Christina would have been born about the same time as Daniel. My guess also is Daniel and his parents were Mennonite and Mennonites would not be marrying into the Reformed\German Baptist of TN.  It is possible Christina .......unknown was a woman married to a Neff who died even before a child was born and she married your Daniel.  Is this possible??

I am fairly certain that Henry Neff the 1717 immigrant to Manor Twp and married to a Barbara, that she was a Hiestant, a sister to the father of Johannes aka John Hiestand 1715/1720 d. 1785 Lancaster Co., PA, Manor Twp.


August 19, 2010


I think we have make a lot of progress over the past several weeks and I have a much better understanding of the families and the time line. When we first spoke years ago, Christina NAVE would certainly fit the family of Dr. Conrad Naef\Nave in large part because of the surname spelling.

Knowing now where the Hiestand family was living, we are a long way north from where the NAVE family had settled. By 1774, the Naves were down in the area of the SE tip of VA where it meets the Carolinas and TN. An area known as the Watauga Valley. Family is associated with the 1774 Militia List, Capt. Evan Shelby, Fincastle (Washington) Co, Virginia which later became Sullivan County, TN, Washington and later Carter Co., TN.

The Mill Creek [near what is now Luray, VA] Hiestants were Mennonite living on the South Fork of the Shenandoah which is just over the mountain from the Mennonite Neffs living in the New Market\Mt. Jackson area on the North Fork of the Shenandoah.

If I am correct, the Shenandoah Marriage records were burned in a courthouse fire in the 1850's and while pieces survived, most of today's records have been constructed from other sources which can explain why the record for Daniel and Christina does not show a "bondsman" or parents. Unfortunately the abstracts, which all we have, do not list the sources.

I think from Kent Hiestand's summary of the entry of the Baptists to the area, the Neff - Hiestant marriage would have been at the very early point in Koontz arrival. Do you know when the first Hiestants left the Mennonite faith and joined the Primitive Baptists?

A Christina Neff is not listed in the will of John Henry Neff of New Market who died in 1784. He and most family members are buried in the Neff-Kagey Cemetery on the original homestead at Mt. Jackson. About 7 years ago, we gave a grant to James Madison University to do a complete survey of the cemetery and we now have the cemetery mapped and all the stones photographed and inscriptions recorded. This was done using under and graduate students as a class project. I did a map of the lands there similar to the one Kent did of the Mill Creek Hiestants farms. Published in Neff News as part of the Daniel Bly article.

By the early 1800's, the Mennonite church at Mt. Jackson had become the Church of the Brethren for the same reasons that Kent points out the Mennonite church at Mill Creek became Baptist. Too far from Lancaster.

In the time frame we are looking at, there are NO other Neff families within a 75 mile radius of Mill Creek. Since Christina is not mentioned in the will or estate settlement of her father John Henry Neff [A21], there are 2 possibilities.

  1. One is that she met Daniel whom she married and because he was a Baptist at the time, she was shunned out of the family.
  2. A more likely scenario is she died at childbirth which was common. If no living children by this marriage, no reason for her to mentioned in her father's will. If there were children and Daniel remarried and became Baptist by 1784, another reason grand children would not have been mentioned.

Bill Neff

Note: In an earlier (August 7, 2010) email, Bill Neff had suggested another possibility;

  1. It is possible Christina ....... (unknown surname) was a woman married to a Neff who died even before a child was born and she married your Daniel.  Is this possible??

Email from Kent Hiestand to Bill Neff

August 19, 2010


Daniel Hiestand's marriage to Christina Nave in 1773 is the first "recorded" marriage record we have for the immigrant Henry Hiestand's children.  His "disowning" of Daniel and Barbara could be because they married outside of the faith, i.e. Mennonite.  The records connecting Rev. Koontz with the Hiestand's are with Henry's eldest son Jacob's children between 1784-1794.


Note:  Baptist minister Rev. John Koontz supposedly did begin preaching in the Hamburg, VA area (where the Henry Hiestand family lived) in about 1770.  Perhaps Daniel was one of the early converts, in that area, from the Mennonite faith to the Baptist faith.  This might explain why Daniel's father, in his 1777 will, expressed a disappointment in Daniel AND why Christina's father did not mention her in his will.  Although John Koontz was a minister of the gospel soon after his baptism in 1768, he was not legally allowed to perform weddings in Virginia until August 25, 1785.
Source: Page 6 of History of the Descendants of John Koontz by Lowell L. Koontz. Alexandria, VA: Lowell L. Koontz 1979.

Proximity of Where Daniel Hiestand Lived Compared to the Home of Dr. John Henry Neff Family

Wayne Haston's thoughts in 2010: As I was learning about (and studying - and visiting the area of) Abraham and Henry Hiestand's land in Powell's Fort Valley on the Massanutten Mountain, I began to realize that:

  • The location of their Powell's Fort Valley land was situated on top of the mountain, between what is now New Market--Mount Jackson, VA (on the west side) and Hamburg--Luray, VA (on the east side).
  • The Henry Hiestand family lived on the east side of the mountain and the Neff family lived across the mountain to the west.
  • Four hundred acres of Fort Valley land was assigned to Henry Hiestand in 1756 and 300 acres, adjacent to Henry's 400 acres, to Abraham Hiestand in 1763.
  • The Henry Hiestand family seems to have been split with Jacob, Peter, and John being attached to their father, while Daniel (the youngest son) seems to have been attached to his older brother Abraham.
  • According to Henry's will, apparently Daniel did something to displease his father.  Perhaps he was estranged from his father and attached himself to Abraham, as something of a father figure.
  • By 1775 (two years after his marriage to Christina Nave), Daniel was living in Powell's Fort Valley (probably on his father's 400 acres).
  • Perhaps Daniel had been living there (or with Abraham, as a farm hand and helper) even before he married.
  • The path down the west side of the mountain to the New Market--Mount Jackson area (now Route 730, Moreland Gap Road) would have been considerably less steep and less rugged than the path down the east side (now Route 675) to where his parents lived--even though it was a few miles longer than the path down the east side. 
  • Dr. John Henry Neff lived very near where the Moreland Gap Road now connects to the valley road.
  • Perhaps, for social and trading purposes, Daniel oriented himself more to the area where the Neffs lived than to the east side of the mountain.
  • This would explain how he may have met (and courted) Christina Nave/Neff.

"The Massanutten Mountains in between [the north and south forks of the Shenandoah River] were hardly enough to keep the Mennonites from Holman's Creek [where Dr. John Henry Neff lived] and the Hawksbill Creek [near where the Henrich Hiestand family lived] apart.

The several hours it took to cross the mountain was nothing for a couple of lovestruck brothers on the way to court Esther and Elizabeth Musselman, whose family came from the Hawksbill.

Early settlers traveled mostly on their feet, walking to eight miles to their church services and returning the same day.  That's about how far it was to cross the mountain from ... Holman's Creek to the Mennonite meetinghouse on Mill Creek.

Until the age of modern transportation, plain people didn't think twice about walking just about anywhere."

Source of the above quotation: pages 63-64 of Harvest Time by J. Ross Baughman.


Jacob Neff of Knox County, TN

2003 - Initial Interaction Between Wayne Haston and Bill Neff Regarding Possible
Relationship Between Jacob Neff and Christian Nave

From Wayne Haston to Bill Neff:  David Haston, apparently was the auctioneer or the one who proclaimed publicly the upcoming auction (paid $1.00 for "crying vendue") in the administration of an estate for a Jacob Neff / Knave in Knox County, TN in 1805-1806.  Was this Jacob Neff / Knave a close relative to Christina Nave?  It is interesting that this is the last documented Knox County, TN record that we have for David Haston prior to his move to White County,  TN.  Is it possible that this Jacob Neff / Knave was a close relative of David's mother and, for some reason, David remained in Knox County until the decease and estate settlement of Jacob Neff / Knave.  One oral account indicates that Daniel's wife remained behind in east Tennessee for some unspecified amount of time prior to her journey to White County to meet Daniel and other members of the Daniel Haston family on the new homestead.  Could her delay have had something to do with Jacob Neff / Knave's health situation?

June 22, 2003 Response from Bill Neff to Wayne Haston:  Jacob Neff was from a different Neff/Nave line than was Christina Nave. 

2010 - Later Interaction Between Wayne Haston and Bill Neff Regarding Possible
Relationship Between Jacob Neff and Christian Nave

August 9, 2010

Wayne: I suggest that we work with the clue that Knox County, TN "Jacob Neff" may have been closely related to Christina Nave, since there is a known connection between Daniel Haston's family and Jacob Neff in Knoxville.

I see that Jacob Neff is the son of Francis "Frantz" Neff in the Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff Jr. record. Does that mean that Jacob Neff was from the same general area [of Virginia] as the Hiestand family?

Bill: Looks like your Hiestand's in the Luray area lived on the Shenandoah River. If you go directly west to I-81 just north of New Market will find where our Neff there lived on the "North Fork" of the Shenandoah at Mt. Jackson.

August 19, 2010

Wayne: Francis Neff [father of Jacob Neff of Knox County, TN - died 1804] would have been about 33 when Christina Nave married Daniel Haston.

Bill: Too young to be Christiana's father. And yes, pointers seem to lead us now in the directions of the Neffs in New Market area. Spelling Nave is a common error written by English clerks recording records, especially when the families first
language was German.

Wayne: Christina might have been the younger sister of Francis, right? We think Daniel Haston was born in about 1750. If so, she would have been the aunt of Jacob Neff of Knoxville, correct? And David Haston (who was auctioneer for Jacob Neff's Knoxville estate) would have been first cousin to Jacob Neff, if Jacob and Christina were siblings.

August 20, 2010

Bill: Yes, I think the relationships are now falling in place. Prior to our recent discussions, I must admit I did not have any knowledge of the Luray (Mill Creek) [Hiestand] families. That sheds an entirely new light on the entire issue and now as you point out the Knoxville estate of Jacob Neff and David Haston falls in place.

Wayne: I think we've made some significant progress regarding the highly possible identification of Christina Nave's family. We may never know for sure, but at least we have a working hypothesis that is supported by circumstantial VA as well as in TN.

Notice that Dr. Neff married Ann Steckley/Stickley and the Stickley family connects with Daniel Hiestand's family all the way to Knox County, TN and over to White County/Van Buren County, TN where some of the Stickley family still resides. 

Daniel Stickley (WPA document pages 133-134) purchased some items from Jacob Neff's 1806 estate sale in Knox County, TN and Pheby Stickley (WPA document, page 164) was paid 8.50 out of the estate sale funds, for some unknown reason.
Source: Records of Knox County, Tennessee - Estate Book, Volume 1 (1792-1811).  Works Progress Administration, July 2, 1936. (Knox County, TN, Mf Roll #155, Volume 1 July 1792-1811)

February 14, 2017

Email from Bill Neff in response to Wayne Haston's question - Do you have a copy of Dr. John Henry Neff's will:

Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff Jr's Will B-101, Shenandoah County Courthouse,
Woodstock, VA.; Will dated 1 Jun 1784; Proved 29 Jul 1784. One of the
witnesses to the will was Adam Neff [D51] who lived there at the time studying
medicine under Dr. Neff.

1785 Named children of John Henry Neff, Jacob, Christian, & Abraham signed a
Mennonite petition in Shenandoah Co. VA in 1785. see Miscl Petitions,
10 Dec 1785, 67-48, Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA.


Sarah Nave - Sister-in-Law of Jacob Mitchell

Jacob Mitchell was an original (1808) land grantee in White County, TN whose land was adjacent to that of Daniel & Joseph Haston.  A family Bible record (supposedly in the possession of Glen Cowan, great-great grandson of Morris and Elizabeth [parents of Jacob Mitchell]) indicates that this Jacob Mitchell (one source [from Sharon Spurgeon] says "Montgomery Co. Maryland May 1 1784") married a Lucinda Hastings.  This Lucinda Hastings possibly was a daughter of Daniel Haston.  Jacob Mitchell's brother, Rev. James Mitchell, married a Sarah / Sally Nave (born March 4, 1793) from Rockingham County, VA in Knox County, TN on October 6, 1808. 


  1. Was this Sarah / Sally Nave related to the Jacob Neff / Nave / Knave for whose estate settlement David Haston was the auctioneer? 

    As per Bill Neff: No, they were from different Neff/Nave family lines.

  2. Was Sarah / Sally Nave in some way related to the Christina Nave who married Daniel Histand on September 28, 1773 in Shenandoah/Dunmore County, VA?

    No, because (as indicated above) the Jacob Neff of Knox County, TN was very likely closely related to Christina Nave/Neff.  IF Christina Nave/Neff was the daughter of Dr. John Henry Neff, Jacob Neff would have been her nephew (son of her brother Francis).

Email Correspondence Between Wayne Haston & Bill Neff -- June 2003
Sarah or Sally Nave is our [G51238] born 4 Mar 1793 in Blount Co., TN d. 20 Mar 1850 married Rev. James Mitchel whom I have born 19 Oct 1786 and died 2 Jun 1876.  Family moved to Polk Co., MO.  Sally owned the "Mitchel Bible' and entered the family records.  These are only notes I have.

This family is not related to the Neffs from Shenandoah Co., VA who were in Knox Co., TN. They were all Mennonite or Church of the Brethren.

As per Bill Neff (June 2003)

Howard H. Hasting, Sr. Comment

Howard H. Hasting, Sr. was one of the most avid Daniel Haston researchers.  Mr. Hasting made this very interesting comment in the written report of his life's research work on the Daniel Haston family: 

"We have never discovered her [Daniel's wife's] name.  However, Elizabeth Jane Stipe Hasting (6 Feb 1835 to 24 Feb 1927) wife of James Thomas Hasting (8 June 1836 to 31 May 1885) said that Daniel's wife lived to be 110 years of age, and that Daniel paid her transportation to this county, and that she, Elizabeth Jane, remembered seeing her."  

Elizabeth Jane Stipe Hasting was the great grandmother of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.  Their lives overlapped by 22 years, thus Howard Hasting would probably have known her quite well.  Thus, he probably heard her reminisce often about family history.  If Daniel Haston was born in 1735 [although birth year of about 1750 is more likely], as one source indicates, and his wife was born at about the same time, then Mrs. Daniel Haston would have lived to about 1845 (assuming that Elizabeth Jane Stipe Hasting's recollection was accurate).  Elizabeth Jane, in that case, would have known her husband's great grandmother (Daniel's wife) until she (Elizabeth Jane) was about ten years old.  If Daniel and his wife were not born until about 1750, as many Haston researchers speculate, then Elizabeth Jane would have been about 25 years old when Mrs. Daniel Haston died.  Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s statement that Elizabeth Jane "remembered seeing her" would seem to imply that she (Elizabeth Jane) was very young when Mrs. Daniel Haston died.  That could suggest that (1) Mrs. Daniel Haston was born around 1735 or so or that (2) Mrs. Daniel Haston lived to "only" be 90-95 years old. 

Life Spans from Mrs. Daniel Haston to H.H. Hasting, Sr.

The "Daniel paid her transportation to this county" comment may harmonize with the possible 1806-1807 return trip that Joseph made, from White County, to the Knox County area and the arrival of David to White County at about that same time.

Source:  Page 4 of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s report of his research results for the family of Daniel Haston. (written in 1954 and revised in 1980, unpublished)  [no stated indication is given as to where Mr. Hasting obtained this information, but probably from a firsthand account from his great grandmother, Elizabeth Jane Stipe Hasting]

S.S. (Samuel Schockley) Haston's Civil War Questionnaire Regarding Remarks on Ancestry  

Daniel Haston's great grandson, Samuel Shockley (Schockley) Haston, returned his civil war veterans questionnaire to the Tennessee Historical committee in May of 1922.  It was received there on May 23.  As a response to the "Remarks on Ancestry" section, S.S. Haston wrote:

"grand father David Haston paternal maternal Margret Roddy great paternal grandmother Ruthy Brown she was at Le_?_ battle at Buncker hill and carred watter."

Source:  Page 1045 of Tennessee Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires  (See TN State Library & Archives info regarding these questionnaires.) 

Samuel Shockley Haston was 78 years old when he completed this questionnaire, so it is possible that he could have been confused in his thinking, although his other responses seem to be sensible.  If taken at face value, this Ruthy Brown would have been the wife of Daniel Haston.  A family of (Isaac & William) Browns were close neighbors to Daniel's family after they settled south of the Caney Fork River in White County, TN.  Suppose this person was Daniel's wife, was "Brown" her maiden name or did she marry some "Mr. Brown" after the death of Daniel?  What does it mean that this Ruthy Brown was at "battle at Buncker hill and carred watter?"  Was she a "Molly Pitcher" type "camp follower" during the Revolutionary War?  The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17, 1775 just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  

Note:  For what it's worth - The Molly Pitcher legend began with the battle of Monmouth Courthouse (June 28, 1778)--the last major Revolutionary War battle in the north.  The Virginia 8th Regiment (comprised largely of Germans from counties of northwestern Virginia) did participate in that battle, under General George Washington.  The Dunmore County, VA militia had been absorbed into the Virginia 8th Regiment in early 1777.  Colonel Abraham Bowman took over the command of the unit, when Colonel Peter Muhlenberg was promoted to general officer.  

See: and and

As per what we have for Daniel Haston's timeline, we do not know where he was between March 25, 1777 and May 18, 1779.  But, according to a family Bible record - which we have not seen - Daniel's son Joseph was born on January 9, 1779, just a little more than seven months after the June 28, 1778 battle of Monmouth.  But, if Daniel's wife did accompany him while he was in the army (and many wives did), Joseph could have been conceived while Daniel was active in the 8th VA Regiment.  Obviously, I am just explaining "possibilities," nothing else.  


Ruth Gordon Brown, widow of Jacob Brown, Sr.

This may not have any significance to the "Ruthy Brown" comment by Samuel Shockley Haston, but...

1. There was a March & September 1800 Hamilton District Superior Court case (Docket 546/274) in which John Knave, Ruth Brown, and Jacob Brown [junior] were mentioned.  This John Hannah vs. John Knave, Ruth Brown and Jacob Brown, Jr. (adm. of Jacob Brown, deceased) began as early as 1796.  Ruth and Jacob Brown, Jr. may have lived in Washington County or Jefferson County, TN when the case began.  Joseph Hannah also is mentioned in support of John Hannah.  (Available in Knox County Archives, TN)

2. From as early (if not earlier than) February 1791 to September 1802, there was a Washington County, Tennessee Superior Court case involving Ruth Brown (widow of Jacob Brown, Senior) as the complainant and John McDowell as the defendant. The issue contested in this case went back to 1786 when Ruth Brown arrived from South Carolina in (what is now) East Tennessee. 

Source: Pages 101 and 125-126 (as well as other pages) of Washington County, Tennessee Superior Court Minutes, 1791 transcribed by the Work Progress Administration (published by Southern Historical Press of Greeneville, SC).

According to a family record on, Jacob Brown, Sr. died in 1785.  

See the grave of Major Jacob Brown, Sr.
More about Jacob Brown - see pages 76, 83, 92, & 105 of America's First Western Frontier: East Tennessee by Brenda C. Calloway (The Overmountain Press, 1989).

Daniel Hiestand/Haston probably lived in the same general area* where the widow Ruth Brown lived at the time that she moved there from South Carolina. 
*On the Nolichucky River between Jonesborough and Erwin, Tennessee (as per page 76 of America's First Western Frontier: East Tennessee).

BUT, if the October 8, 1810 death of this Ruth Brown and burial in Washington County, TN is correct, she could not have been the Ruthy Brown (who supposedly married Daniel Haston) that Samuel Shockley was referring to.

S.S. Haston's great grandmother on his mother's (Jane Shockley's) side was Rutha Young (mother of S.S. Haston's grandfather, Samuel Shockley).  Was he thinking about her and was mistaken about her maiden name?  She was about nine years old (born 1766) at the time of the battle of Bunker Hill and supposedly was born in Surry Co, NC.  She lived until 1867 and died in Van Buren Co, TN.  S.S. Haston would have known her for two decades or so prior to her death.

Samuel Schockley Civil War Questionnaire - Family & Ancestry Questions
Samuel Schockley Haston Civil War Questionnaire - Family & Ancestry Questions
TSLA Military Records, Roll No. 4, Civil War (Confederates) Questionnaires, MF# 484
Received from him at the TN Historical Committee on May 23, 1922.

Image Scan © 2001 by Wayne Haston

1820 Federal Census

One female over the age of 45 was living with Daniel Haston in White County, TN at the time of the 1820 Federal Census.  Presumably, this was the wife of Daniel Haston.  

1820 Daniel Hastigs Census Record

Two mothers of Daniel's children?

David (born 1777) and Joseph (born 1780) were English-literate men.  Apparently, from documents signed by their "marks," Isaac (born 1794 or 1795) and Jesse (born 1796) could not write.  Since, at that time, the education of children was often the responsibility of the mother, this could possibly indicate that Daniel had two wives, the earlier wife being literate and the later wife being illiterate.  The known children of Daniel were born in clusters, David and Joseph were born in 1777 and 1780 and Isaac and Jesse were both born in the mid-1790s.  Catherine was probably born in about 1790.  One decade separates the birth of the first cluster from the second.  It's also likely that there were children of Daniel born during the 1780s whose identities are unknown to us.

Was Daniel also married to a McComisky? (McComiskey, McComesky, or some similar spelling of the surname)

Daniel Haston's son, David, was apparently the oldest son of Daniel Haston.  Some earlier Haston family researchers have referred to him as David McComisky Haston.  We have no documentation to verify that Daniel gave his son, David, the "McComisky" middle name, but there is evidence that David Haston may have given this (or some other spelling of this name) middle name to two of his sons, Daniel & David.  Also, there is additional evidence that appears to connect the Haston family to the family of a Daniel McComisky, who died in Baltimore Co, MD in 1790.  Read more about this possible Haston-McComisky connection.

Why would such an uncommon surname be given as a middle name?  The most obvious assumption would be that there was some kind of familial connection to a family with that surname.  Specifically, the connection would typically be to the maiden name of the paternal grandmother or the maiden name of the mother.  Thus, the McComisky connection might suggest that:

  • David Haston's mother (a wife of Daniel Haston) was related to Daniel McComisky of Baltimore Co, MD.

Here's a working hypothesis (purely hypothetical at this point) for future research:  Daniel Haston married Christina Nave in September of 1773.  But Christina died within the first couple of years of their marriage.  And Daniel then married a close relative of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore County, MD, who became the mother of Daniel's son David (May 6, 1777).  It is not likely that she would have been Daniel McComisky's daughter, since other of his daughters (and their children) were named in his will, but was no mention of a Daniel McComisky daughter who could have been Daniel Haston's wife. Perhaps she was a younger sister of Daniel McComisky. Note: The above paragraph is purely hypothetical.

Please contact us if you have more information related to this Haston-McComisky connection.