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Plat and Grave List Created by Hoyte Cook

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Identified Graves

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    1.  [Child of David & Margaret Roddy Haston]       Note:  The basis for designating graves 1-3 as the children of David & Margaret
    2.  [Child of David & Margaret Roddy Haston]       Haston is unknown to us and may be based only on speculation.
    3.  [Child of David & Margaret Roddy Haston]      
    4.  Margaret Roddy Haston (1785-1857 ) [wife of David Haston, see their section on this site]
    5.  David Haston (1777-1860)  [husband of Margaret Roddy Haston, see their section on this site]
  12.  Rachel Wheeler Haston (1829-1914) [wife of M.G. Haston]
  13.  M.G. Haston (1823-1869)
  16.  Jacob Haston
  29.  David C. Stipes (1833-1852)
  30.  Henry Stipes (1841-1852)
  32.  Sarah Ann Creily / Creely / Creeley Haston (1785-c. 1855) [wife of Joseph Haston]
  33.  Joseph Haston (1780-prior to 1830) [see his section on this site]
34.  Christina Nave [wife of Daniel Haston, as per German-Dutch view]
         Note:  The name of Daniel's wife was not found on any grave markers.   The Christina Nave
         name was assigned here by family members who adhere to the German-Dutch view.

  35.  Daniel Haston (1735-1826)  [see his section on this site]

How Daniel Haston's Grave Was Located

Dwight Haston's grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Casto Haston, took Casto's father, John Taylor Haston, to the Big Fork Cemetery many years ago for the funeral of one of John Taylor Haston's Civil War buddies.  John Taylor Haston took Casto and his wife to the spot where Daniel Haston is buried.  Dwight's grandmother (Ida Grace Jordan Haston) later showed Dwight the location of the grave.  
Source:  January 24, 1979 letter from Dave R. Haston (based on info from Dwight Haston)

Note:  John Taylor Haston (born April 25, 1844) was the son of James Alfred Haston & grandson of Joseph Haston & great grandson of Daniel Haston.

"Daniel Haston died in 1826 and was buried in Big Fork Cemetery in what is now Van Buren County, Tennessee.  His grave was unmarked until rather recently [probably written in 1980].  As a result of the inquiry conducted for this history of the family, Elwood Haston caused a stone to be placed at Daniel's grave and induced the D.A.R. to mount one of their plaques thereon.  We are sure of his grave because John Taylor Haston had pointed out his grave and that of Daniel's wife, and that of Joseph Haston an his wife many years before to Casto Haston."
Source:  Page 7 of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s report of his research on the Daniel Haston family (written in 1954 and revised in 1980) [unpublished].

  46.  P.M. Wilson
  76.  G.W. Shockley
  77.  Mary Polly Crawley Shockley
  79.  G.W. Shockley
  84.  Jacob Stipe (ca. 1769-1858)
  86.  William Shockley (1859-1860?)
  90.  ___ Shockley
144.  William Jasper Cummings (1835-1862)
161.  John Whitley (1831-1872)
162.  Child of John & Sarah C. Whitley ? (died ca. 1868) [no markings - unsure that these are their graves]
163.  John L. Cummings ? (1840-1866) C.S.A. [no markings - unsure that this is his grave]
164.  Ann Denney Cummings ? [no markings - unsure that this is her grave]
165.  Joseph Cummings, Jr. ? (1802-1868) ? [no markings - unsure that this is his grave]
166. Allison W. Cummings ? (1843-Ca. 1862) C.S.A. (reinterred)  [no markings - unsure that this is his grave]
167.  Denny Cummings ? (1841-1868) C.S.A. [no markings - unsure that this is his grave]          
176.  "S.S."
177.  "K.S."
183.  Jim Cummings (1866-1945)
184.  Myra Lou Cummings (1874-1959)
193.  Eddie Lee Cummings (son of Clabe Cummings)
194.  Clabe Cummings (1880-1945)
195.  Eva Shockley (need to re-check grave number)
218.  ___ Shockley
219.  Sam Cummin (1871-1888)
225.  Lou Huddleston [wife of W.M. Huddleston]
226.  Martha Huddleston [wife of W.M. Huddleston]
227.  Liddie Shockley (1877-1965)
228.  Ben F. Shockley (1872-1949)
230.  Bessie Shockley (1902-1917)
231.  Amanda Shockley (1905-1908)
232.  Evye Shockley (1901-1902)
234.  Daughter of Wilburn & Notie Reedy (no markings available, but located by Bo Reedy, son of Wilburn & Notie)
235.  Benjamin Franklin Reedy (no markings available, but located by Bo Reedy, son of Wilburn & Notie)
236.  Nancy Ann Cummings Mitchell (1854-1883)

Unidentified Graves

____ William Moore (born ca. 1802)
____ Abitha Moore [wife of William Moore]
____ William Denney (born ca. 1779)
____ Patsy Burnett Denney [wife of William Denney]
____ Hannah Shockley Denney [wife of James Preston Denney]
____ Two small children of James and Hannah Denney
____ Peter Cummings (black) [father of James, Gabe, Clabe, & Dudy Bill]
____ Evie Cummings (black) [wife of Peter Cummings]
____ Charles Madewell (1785-ca. 1865)
____ Charity Madewell (1790- ca. 1865) [wife of Charles Madewell]
____ Samuel Shockley (1791-1868)
____ Darcus Hoodenpyle Shockley (1796-ca. 1875) [wife of Samuel Shockley]
____ William Burrell Shockley (1819-ca. 1875)
____ Emaline Denney Shockley (1827- ca. 1890) [wife of William Burrell Shockley]
____ James W. Haston (1821- ca. 1858)
____ Malinda Haston (ca. 1842-ca. 1865)
____ Catherine McManes Madewell (1860-ca. 1905)
____ William Cummings (1836-?) [son of Joseph and Ann Cummings]

"There is one grave outside the fence.  It is the grave of Louis Douglas, a black man who was lynched in 1923 or 1924.  It was an ugly incident.  I did not include this grave in the 236 that I showed on the plat.  I am not sure exactly where it is; but could probably find it if I searched."  -Hoyte Cook

The Grave Identification Process

The book Our People by Dr. Margret Rhinehart (TN 976.89 Van Buren RHI) includes a listing of many graves known/thought to be located in the Big Fork Cemetery.  Hoyte Cook's parents (Clifford & Ruth Cook) assisted with the research for that project.  The names on the unidentified graves list (in that book, as well as those that appear above that may not have been in Dr. Rinehart's book) were compiled by deduction.  These are people who were known to have been associated with the Big Fork Church and/or because of family connections would most likely be buried in the Big Fork Cemetery.  If you have questions about Big Fork Cemetery graves or additional information to share, please contact Hoyte Cook.

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