The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church - White County, TN

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"Old" Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Some sources say that the Union Church was founded in 1805.  We do know that Spence Mitchell, an early settler in southern White County, TN, deeded a plot of land for what was called the Union Meeting House on August 24, 1811.  That church, at some point, associated with the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination.  

Just across and south of the Caney Fork River from the Union Meeting House (just over a mile away), the Daniel Haston family had settled three or four years earlier.  David and Peggy Haston were known to have been committed Cumberland Presbyterians when they arrived in White County.  Union church records indicate that David was the church's first clerk.  We also know that later generations of Daniel's family played an important role in what is became known as "Old Union."