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Timeline for Known Events in the Life of Jesse Haston & Wives

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January 2
Birth of Jesse Haston:  The 1850 Federal Census indicates that Jesse (Hasten) was 54 years old at the time of the census.  The census record also says that he was born in Tennessee.  If the 1796 date for Jesse's birth is correct, he was very probably born south of the Holston River, "opposite Knoxville," in Knox County, TN.
Source:  Unknown source for the January 2 birthday.
Note:  The death certificate for Jesse's daughter, Anna Eliza Dandridge, makes three interesting, but otherwise unsubstantiated, assertions regarding Jesse:
  • He was a "Captain" of some sort. (Was he a militia captain at some point?)
  • His middle initial was "C." (Apparently his brother Isaac's middle initial also was "C.")
  • He was born in Nashville, Tenn. (This does not fit what we know of Daniel's family.)

Anna Eliza Haston Dandridge Death Certificate

10 or 12
Married Elizabeth Gillentine:   One unknown source says that Elizabeth Gillentine was born on February 4, 1801.  However, her brother's (John Gillentine's) Bible says that she was born on December 5, 1800.  One unknown source says she was born in McNairy County, TN.  She married Jesse in Van Buren County, TN at the age of 14 (almost 15).  She bore 13 children and died February 2, 1847 in Howard County, MO.
Source:  December 10 date, unknown source;  December 12 date, from page 7 of Howard H. Hasting, Sr.'s unpublished report on his Daniel Haston family research (written in 1954 & revised in 1980)
Note:  There is no known historical documentation to prove that Jesse was the son of Daniel Haston.  However:
  1. The circumstantial evidence is strong in favor of this relationship to Daniel.  Jesse married Elizabeth Gillentine.  Nicholas and Jane Elizabeth Terry Gillentine, who had a daughter named Elizabeth that was of the right age to be Jesse's wife, were neighbors to Daniel Haston's family in the early years of White County.  Nicholas Gillentine was a prominent civic leader in White County and was a leader in the Big Fork Baptist Church.
  2. DNA testing has connected a male descendent of Jesse Haston to the Daniel Haston family, with such a high degree of certainty to leave no doubt that Jesse Haston was closely related to Daniel Haston, most probably Daniel's son.
February 15
Birth of Jane Haston:  This daughter married Nathaniel Davis on January 3, 1837.  
Source:  Howard County, MO Marriages
Note:  The wife of early White County, TN pioneer Nicholas Gillentine was Jane Elizabeth Terry Gillentine or Elizabeth Jane Terry Gillentine.  The fact that Jesse & Elizabeth Haston named their first child "Jane" would seem to indicate that truly she (Jesse's wife) was from the White County, TN Gillentine family that lived very close to Daniel Haston's family.
1818 Moved to Missouri:  The 1894 biographical sketch for Jesse Haston, Jr. (son of the Jesse Haston of this timeline) states that the elder Jesse Haston moved to Missouri from east Tennessee in the year of 1818.
Source: From History of Montana, published 1894, Joaquin Miller 
October 16
Birth of Polly Mary Haston:  This daughter died on June 13, 1919.  Nothing else is known about her.
Source:  Unknown
October 2
Birth of James A. Haston:  This son died on January 1, 1820.  Nothing else is known about him.  
Source:  Unknown
1820 Missouri becomes a state:  "By 1820 Missouri had enough inhabitants--more than 70,000--to become a state.  A thirteen-county area of central Missouri [including Howard County] came to be called Little Dixie but was more akin to Virginia than the Deep South."
Source: David Hackett Fischer and James C. Kelly, Bound Away: Virginia and the Westward Movement. (Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 2000), 178.
December 18
Birth of Missouriana Haston:  This daughter was born in Howard County of Glasgow County, MO.  She married Robert J. Venable on July 25, 1839 in Chariton County, MO.  She died on December 26, 1864.  
Source:  Unknown
Note:  The name of this daughter seems to indicate clearly that Jesse and Elizabeth were living in Missouri by 1820.  Because Missouri was not a state until 1821, there is no1820  Federal Census record available for that area.  Jesse Haston did not appear on the 1820 White County, TN Federal Census record. 
April 10
Birth of William Asbury Haston:  This son was born in Howard County, MO and married a Miss Piller, who was born in about 1825 and died before 1906.  He died June 18, 1894 and is buried in Fox Cemetery (also known as Welch Chapel) in Grundy County, MO.  He had at least one child, Jesse Bascom Haston.  
Source:  Unknown
May 6
Birth of Abi Alburn Haston:  This child married Mary Francis Newman (born on December 3, 1837 at Taylorsville) on February 1, 1859.  He died on Easter Sunday, April 8, 1917 and is buried in Catholic Cemetery in Abilene, KS.  He was the 2nd owner of the Jesse Haston Bible.  The Bible record says that he died of "just old age," "fell asleep like a child - no pain and conscious until sleep overtook him."  More Information
Source:   Jesse Haston family Bible record
July 17
Birth of Nicholas G. Haston:*  This son died on September 1, 1857 and is buried in the Haston Cemetery near Glasgow, Missouri.
Source:   Unknown
December 5
Birth of Ann Eliza HastonThis daughter died on Dec 15, 1849 and is buried in the Haston Cemetery near Glasgow, Missouri.  She was married to John Creigler Woods on February 23, 1848.  More Information
Source:  Marriage record from Howard County, MO Marriages (source of other info unknown) 
*One source says that she was born on December 15, 1829.
1830 Jesse Appeared on Missouri Federal Census:  We don't know precisely when Jesse moved his family to MO, but his family does appear on the 1830 Federal Census for Howard County, MO.  There were 12 people in his household at that time.
Free White Males:  2 under age 5, 1 from ages 5 - 10, 1 from ages 30 - 40
Free White Females:  1 under age 5, 1 from ages 10 - 15, 1 from ages 20 - 30
Male Slaves:  2 from ages 10 - 15
Female Slaves:  1 under age 10, 1 from ages 24 - 34
Source:  Federal Census for Howard County, MO (left side & right side of book)
October 1
Birth of Mandy Melvina Haston:  The death date of this daughter is unknown.  She married a Mr. Barnes.  She is called Malinda on the 1850 census record.
Source:  Unknown
August 6
Birth of Thomas Jefferson Haston:  This son married Caroline Thornbrough of Trenton (in Grundy County), MO.  They were parents of one girl and three boys who, with their mother, died of diphtheria in 1873 and are buried in Coon Creek Cemetery in Grundy County, MO.  He later married Mahala, who became the mother of Pearl, Myrtle, and Iva.  Thomas Jefferson Haston died before 1889 and is buried in the  Keyesville Cemetery of Chariton County, MO.  Thomas Jefferson and Caroline Haston had one son who survived, James Rickey Haston.  
Source:  Unknown
June 30
Birth of Elizabeth Haston:  This daughter married John Broaddus in Glasgow, MO on September 22, 1859.  They had 12 children.  John died in 1897.  In about 1901, she went to Broadus, Montana to live with her son Johnnie on a ranch.  She is buried in Montana.  
Source:  Unknown
September 11
Land Purchase:  Jesse and Elizabeth Haston purchased land in Howard Co, MO on this date.
Source:  Page 238 of Volume P of Howard County, MO Land Deeds.
1840 Federal Census:  The household of Jesse (Haystin) included 15 persons at this time.  
Free White Males:  1 under age 5, 1 from ages 5 - 10, 1 from ages 10 - 15, 1 from ages 15 - 20, and 1 from ages 40 - 50
Free White Females:  1 under age 5, 1 from ages 5 - 10, 1 from ages 10 - 15, 1 from ages 30 - 40
Male Slaves:  2 under age 10,  1 from ages 10 - 24
Female Slaves:  1 under age 10, 1 from ages 10 - 24, 1 from ages 24 - 36
Source:  Federal Census for Howard County, MO (left side & right side of book)
January 10
Land Title Transfer:  Jesse Haston was the land patentee for 40 acres in Howard Co, MO. 
Source:  Bureau of Land Management Accession/Serial #: MO2780__.392 BLM Serial #: MO NO S/N
March 10
Birth of Jesse HastonThis son married Dora Ida McMillan on January 2, 1863.  They had three children.  Dora died in June of 1896 and Jesse died on September 4 of the same year.  They are buried in the Custer County Cemetery in Miles City (of Custer County), MT.   More Information
Source:  Unknown
December 27
Birth of Isaac B. Haston:*  This son married Susan Emma Venable (niece of Robert J. Venable, who married Missouri Ann).  One source says that he died on September 9, 1886.  Another source says that he died before 1866 of  tuberculosis.
Source:  Unknown
*Note:  The 1850 census says that he was six years old in 1850.  That would have made his birth date sometime in 1844.
April 1
Land Title Transfer:  Jesse Haston was the land patentee for 40 acres in Howard Co, MO. 
Source:  Bureau of Land Management Accession/Serial #: MO2900__.078 BLM Serial #: MO NO S/N
February 2
Death of Jesse's wife, Elizabeth Gillentine:  Elizabeth, the first wife of Jesse Haston, died in 1847 in Howard County, MO.  She was the mother of 13 children by Jesse.  She is buried in the Haston Cemetery, near their home and near Glasgow, MO.
Source:  Unknown
August 15
Married Susan Catherine M. White:  Jesse and his second wife, Susan, had two sons, both of whom died at a young age. (see below)  Susan, apparently, had been married to a man by the name of White.  A 10 year old boy, Thomas White, was part of the household at the time of the 1850 census.  She died on March 9, 1852 and is buried in the Haston Cemetery, as are her two children.  
Source:  Unknown
August 1
Birth of Richard O. Haston:  This son of Jesse and Catherine died at the age of two years on August 15, 1850
Source:  Unknown
August 12
Birth of Wesley Wilber Haston:  This second son of Jesse and Catherine died on April 11, 1850 at the age of eight months.  
Source:  Unknown
1850 Federal Census:  The census record for Jesse (Hasten) included these persons:
Jesse:  male, age 54, farmer, born in TN, owned $20,000 worth of real estate
Susan:  female, age 41, born in VA  
Nicolas:  male, age 22, born in MO
Malinda:  female, age 17, born in MO
Thomas J.:  male, age 16, born in MO  (enrolled in school)
Elizabeth:  female, age 12, born in MO  (enrolled in school)
Thomas White:  male, age 10, born in MO  
     (who was he? son of S. M. Catherine White before her marriage to Jesse?)
Jesse:  male, age 9, born in MO  (enrolled in school)
Isaac:  male, age 6, born in MO
Source:  Federal Census for Howard County, MO
February 16
Married Ann Juilet BarnesJesse married Ann Barnes, his third wife, about 11 months after the death of Catherine.  Six additional children were born to Jesse through this union.  Ann died on December 28, 1902 (or 1904) and is buried in the Washington Cemetery in Glasgow, MO.  According to her daughter Anna Eliza's death certificate, Ann Juilet Barnes was born in Maryland.  Read her obituary.
Sources:  Howard County, MO Marriages; Page 2 of February 23, 1854 edition of Glasgow Weekly Times.
? Infant son died at birth:  We have no date for the birth of this infant son, neither do we have a name.
December 1
Birth of Ann Eliza HastonThis daughter of Ann Juilet Barnes and Jesse Haston married Henry Clay Dandridge on December 17 (or 12), 1872 in Glasgow, MO of Howard County.  They had four children.  According to her death certificate (#38610 from MO State Board of Health) she died in Saline County, MO on December 18, 1925 at 70 years & 18 days of age.  She was buried in Nelson Cemetery in Nelson, MO.
Source (of birth, death, & parents info):  MO death certificate #38610 from MO State Board of Health and Bureau of Vital Statistics.
July 19
Birth of Kate Haston:  This daughter died on December 27, 1875.
Source:  Unknown
July 21
Birth of Ida Litia HastonThis daughter was born in Glasgow, MO and married Edmund J. Dunlap on July 6, 1910.  She died on December 7, 1926 and is buried in the Gillum City Cemetery in Saline County, MO.   Her death certificate (information provided by her sister Lillian Haston Jones) indicates that she was born July 21, 1861.  However, that was probably a mistake because that was the year that Lillian was born.  Her death certificate says that her father was born in Tennessee, but the town or city is blank, and that her mother was born in Baltimore, MD.
Some information from Ida Haston Dunlap's death certificate.
1860 Federal Census for Howard County, MO :  The 1860 Federal Census shows that Jesse had $20,000 in real estate and $17,000 in personal property in Howard County, MO.   Living with him at that time were Ann J., 28 years; Jefferson, 26 years (trader); Jesse, 19 years (student); Isaac, 17 years (student); Ann E., 5 years; Kate, 3 years and Ida, 1 year old.   Note:  Some of these names and ages don't match the data above.
Source:  1860 Federal Census for Howard County, MO.
August 20
Birth of Lillian HastonThis daughter was born in Glasgow, MO and married a John H. Jones on December 8, 1881 and died on November 2, 1946 in Charleston, WV.  She is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Charleston, WV.  She died of "carcinoma of cervix" (which she had for six months) and also had "hypertensive cardio renal - vascular disease for twenty-four years."  The informant for this certificate (Miss Ida Jones) only knew Lillian's father name as "Col. Haston" and was uncertain of his birthplace, but indicated that it may have been in Virginia.
Source:  WV State Department of Health Certificate of Death #13250 - for most of this information.
June 2
Birth of Annie C. Haston:  This daughter, who never married, lived with her sister Ida until near the time of Ida's death and then went to live with her sister Lillian.  She died on May 8, 1935 in Charleston, WV.
Source:  Unknown
Note:  If these records are accurate, Jesse fathered 21 children by a total of three wives.  It appears from these records, at 68 years and five months, his 21st child was born.  If he had not of died a premature death (see below), who knows how many children he might have had!
November 5
Jesse Haston's Will:  Jesse Haston made out his will, giving $4,169.57 to his wife, Anne Juliet, as well as the tract of land where their home was.  The remainder of his estate was to be distributed among all of his children.  Joseph Lewis signed Jesse's name, at his request and in his presence.
Source:  Specific Howard County, MO will book and page number unknown.  Available in Fayette, MO.
November 8
Death of Jesse Haston:  Jesse died in Glasgow, Missouri and was buried near there.  His farm was located about three miles east of Glasgow.  Jesse was considered a Southerner during the Civil War.  The Northern troops raided his home during the war, taking everything of value, including a number of horses.  He went to and talked to them at Glasgow and they let him have one horse, then followed him out of town, shot him and took the horse.  He died a few days later and is buried in the cemetery just east of his house.
Source:  Unknown
December 13
Will Proved in Court:  Joseph A. Lewis and Thomas M_?_ witnessed to the authenticity of Jesse Haston's will.
Source:  Page 21 of some Howard Co, MO will book.  Available in Fayette, MO.
December 24
Estate Inventory:  Jesse's estate inventory was recorded in court on this date.
Source:  Some unknown estate book for Howard Co, MO.  Available in Fayette, MO.
January 12
Estate Sale:  Items and stock from Jesse's estate were sold on this date.  The estate sale document was submitted in court on January 17 and filed on February 6 or 1865.
Source:  Some unknown estate book for Howard Co, MO.  Available in Fayette, MO. 
July 7
Estate Settlement Filed:  The net value of Jesse's estate, after expenses, was $5,662.56.
Source:  Some unknown estate book for Howard Co, MO.  Available in Fayette, MO.
December 28
Death of Wife, Ann Juliet Barnes Haston:  Ann died on December 28, 1902 and is buried in the Washington Cemetery in Glasgow, MO.
Source:  Unknown
January 6
Ann J. Haston's Estate:  Ida L. Haston, daughter of Jesse & Ann J. Haston, was the administratrix for the estate of Jesse's third wife, Anne Juliet Barnes Haston.  Her estate consisted of $364.61 in cash, some farm animals and furniture, etc.
Source:  Certificate of Witnesses and Executor's or Administrator's Inventory, Certificate and Affidavit Inventory (specific documentation not available).  Assumed to be available in Fayette Co, MO.

Primary Jesse Haston researcher, Louise Haston Rice