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Historical Books by J. Ross Baughman
With a Focus on Swiss-German Anabaptist/Mennonite Families

J. Ross Baughman

I became the youngest professional to ever win the Pulitzer Prize, for my coverage of the guerrilla wars in southern Africa. During that same year, I was twice more nominated for the award. One of these resulted from an eight-month undercover investigative series on the American Nazi movement; and in March 1978, I became the first western journalist to cover Palestinian commando raids behind Israeli lines during the invasion of Lebanon.

I started the Visions photo agency in New York later that year, which for 20 years specialized in long-term, high-risk investigative photo essays. My primary sponsor during that time was LIFE magazine, which assigned me to over 50 cover stories.

Specialties: I simultaneously pursued a love of teaching, holding an adjunct professorship with the University of Missouri's School of Journalism, responsible for their graduate studies program in New York City. I also served on the Master Faculty at The New School for Social Research in New York, and gave workshops in ethics and visual studies at Columbia University, The American University in Washington, D.C., Dartmouth, Rutgers, Brigham Young and many other colleges. (Source: LinkedIn)  More on Wikipedia

I worked on the first five historical volumes (which contain the maps) from 1989-2005 and am currently working on the sixth volume.

1. Some Ancestors of the Baughman Family in America: Tracing back twelve generations from Switzerland through Virginia, & c., growing along with the nation, across its heartland -1989; 183 pages.  (13.4 MB)

2. Harvest Time: Being several essays on the history of the Swiss, German & Dutch folk in early America named Baughman, Layman, Moyer, Huff, and others across... Missouri, Arkansas, and four centuries - 1994; 321 pages. (27.9 MB)

3. Apart From The World: An account of the origins and destinies of various Swiss Mennonites who fled from their homelands in remote parts of Cantons Zurich, Aargau, and Bern - 1997; 237 pages. (82.0 MB)

4. A Lake Beneath the Crescent Moon: Some of the history, legends and folkart from around Zurich ranging from prehistoric times through the 18th Century, along with the families thereabout named Bachman, Hiestand, Ringger & Strickler - 2000; 265 pages.  (28.6 MB)

5. The Chain Rejoined: or The Bonds of Science and Mystery Amongst Family, including many attempts to recover ties across the Atlantic Ocean to Ancestors and Cousins of Baughmans and Bachmanns - 2005; 339 pages.  (40.7 MB)

6. Legends Overlooked: Scheduled for release in 2019.


Eighty-five Maps and Illustrations from the Origins of Swiss & Anabaptist Migrants: Collection of maps created by J. Ross Baughman for (and included in) this series of Swiss-American historical books. (34.5 MB)

Maps & Illustrations
 from the J. Ross Baughman Books
Organized Geographically

Ancient World
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Westward in America
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These books copyrighted by J. Ross Baughman and posted here with his permission.