The Heritage of Daniel Haston


Unanswered Questions for Haston Researchers


Top Daniel Haston Family Research Questions
(as of the year 2000 & some answers discovered since then )

  1. Where, in Europe, were Daniel Haston's family roots?  That is, what was his ethnic background? (Village of Richterswil in Canton Zurich of Switzerland, then the village of Ibersheim of southern Germany near the Rhine River)
  2. Who were Daniel's parents? (father was Henrich Hiestand, mother's name is unknown)
  3. When and where was Daniel born? (probably in what is now Page County, VA in about 1750)
  4. In what places did Daniel live after he left Virginia and prior to his arrival in Knox County, TN.  He seems to have visited Guilford County, NC but lived in some parts of what is now East TN for a few years.  By the mid-1790s he was living south of the Holston River, opposite Knoxville
  5. Who was Daniel's wife or wives? (married Christina Nave/Neff in 1783 but do not know if she lived to be his only wife, or not)
  6. Was Daniel, for sure, a veteran of the Revolutionary War and, if so, in which military unit did he serve? (evidence seems to indicate that he was not a Rev War vet, but that the North Carolina land grant assigned to "Daniel Haston" was assigned fraudulently and probably without his knowledge)
  7. What was the McComiskey/McCumskey connection to the Daniel Haston family?  The connection may have been through David Haston's wife, Margaret (Peggy) Roddy and her mother who may have been the daughter of Daniel McComiskey.
  8. Who were the children of Daniel, other than David, Joseph, Catherine, Isaac, Jeremiah MC, and Jesse?
  9. What was Daniel religious affiliation? (We do know that his ancestors were Anabaptists/Mennonites and that the family attended a Baptist church in what is now East TN.)
  10. What was Daniel's middle name?  Some earlier Haston researchers said it was "Montgomery" but we do not have any documentation for that name.  And "Montgomery" would not have been a name given to a Swiss-German Mennonite son.
  11. What was the relationship of Montgomery Greenville Haston to Daniel Haston?  DNA from one descendant of Montgomery Greenville Haston indicates that M.G. Haston was not a blood relative of the Daniel Haston family.  But more DNA testing from other descendants of M.G. Haston need to be done.

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A More Complete List of Research Questions

Daniel Haston Questions Daniel's Family Questions Miscellaneous Questions
  1. Who were Daniel's grandparents, parents of Henrich Hiestand?
  2. Specifically, when did Henrich Hiestand arrive in America.
  3. What was Daniel's mother's maiden name?
  4. Is there evidence, other than the Rev War mortality pension list, for his year of birth?
  5. Other than the NC land grant and the 1830 mortality list card, what evidence do we have that he fought in the Revolutionary War?
  6. In what specific places did he and his family live in East TN (other than Knox County), prior to their arrival in White County?
  7. What was Daniel's middle name?
  8. Is there any evidence that he was literate? (in English)
  9. Did Christina Nave live long enough to settle with him in middle Tennessee?
  10. If Christina Nave died before Daniel died, did he marry again?  If so, whom did he marry?
  11. Did he have a will?  If so, where can it be found?
  12. Was Daniel a church-going man?  If so, which denomination?
  1. Who were the parents of David's wife, Margaret (Peggy) Roddy?
  2. What evidence do we have that David's middle name was McComisky?
  3. What documentation exists that proves that Catherine (Austin) was Daniel's daughter?
  4. When and where was Catherine born?
  5. When and where was Isaac born?
  6. When and where was Jesse born?
  7. When and where was Jeremiah MC born?
  8. What does MC stand for in Jeremiah's middle name?
  9. Exactly when and why did Isaac and Jesse and Jeremiah MC move to Missouri?  Did they move simply to find cheap land or was there a family squabble?
  10. Did Daniel have other children that can be documented?
  11. Was the Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY a son of the White County Daniel Haston?
  12. Was Lucinda Hastings Mitchell, the wife of Jacob Mitchell (Daniel's adjacent neighbor), a daughter of Daniel Haston?
  13. Was Elizabeth (Betsy) Roddy / Roddey the daughter of Daniel Haston or some other type of relative?
  14. Was Mary "Polly" Hastings Millican (wife of James) the daughter of Daniel?
  15. Was Wm. Carroll Haston of Greene Co, MO a son of other close relative of Daniel?
  1. What, if any, was the connection between Daniel's family and the Daniel McComisky who lived in Baltimore, MD?
  2. What was Isham Bradley's connection to the Haston family?
  3. Beyond the original Mennonite affiliation, what were the religious affiliations of Daniel and/or members of his family?
  4. Did David identify with the Campbellite (Church of Christ) movement at some later point in his life?
  5. What documentation exists for the name of Daniel's home site, Haston Station?  
  6. Did other families move from Knox County to White County with the Hastons?  John Miller?  Isaac Pruett?  Nicholas Gillentine? John Miller? Others?
  7. Did the Haston family have pre-Knox County connections with the Tiptons?