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Gray-background rows indicate that most likely these people were related to English or Scots-Irish theories of Daniel Hiestand/Haston's European ancestry.  Since the October 2008 DNA confirmation of Daniel's Swiss-German ancestry, we now know that these individuals probably were not connected to Daniel Haston in any genealogical manner.


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Thomas Archer Somehow, the Rev War military bounty land grant that Daniel Haston received was eventually signed over to Thomas Archer, from Thomas Hays. Lived in Guilford County, NC and later moved to Dickson County, TN.
John Armstrong David Haston purchased 111 acres from John Armstrong in 1802 on the east fork of Grassy Creek in Knox Co, TN.  
Peggy Hastings Ault Married John Ault in Knox Co, TN in 1809.  Has been thought to be a daughter of Daniel Haston, but is found in the will of John T. Hastings of Bedford Co, TN.
Catherine Haston Austin Daughter of Daniel Haston.  Married John Austin, Sr.  Died 1843 in White Co, TN and buried in Austin Cemetery in Lost Creek community.  More
John Austin, Sr. Married Daniel's daughter, Catherine.  He had been married to Rachel Denny earlier and married Mary Ann Todd after Catherine died.  He came to TN from NC in about 1807.
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Ezekiel Baldwin David sold 111 Knox Co acres on the east fork of Grassy Creek  to Ezekiel Baldwin in September, 1806.  See the John Armstrong entry above.
Ann J. Barnes Ann J. Barnes was the third wife of Jesse Haston.  They married on February 16, 1853 in Howard Co, MO.  She was the mother of six children.
Rev. William Barnett Said by one source to be founder of the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church in lower White Co, TN.  Doesn't fit his biography, unless he founded it as a revivalist, which is very possible.
Isham Bradley Knox Co marriage bondsman for David Haston.  Moved to White Co with Hastons, later to Monroe Co, TN and then to MO.  Married Susana Matlock.  More
Jesse Brewer Jesse Brewer witnessed an 1822 sale of personal property from Isham Bradley to Joseph Haston.  He was probably a neighbor of the early White Co Hastons.
Isaac Brown Isaac Brown witnessed an 1822 sale of personal property from Isham Bradley to Joseph Haston.  Granted 100 acres near where Daniel lived on Cane Creek on September 26, 1808.
Rutha (Ruth/Ruthy) Brown Samuel Shockley Haston mentioned her on his 1920 Civil War Veteran Questionnaire as his paternal great grandmother.  Claimed that she had been at Bunker Hill.  Was he mistaken? More
William Brown William Brown purchased 267 acres adjacent to Daniel Haston in White Co, TN on August 22, 1811.
John Bumgarner /
Signed just above Henrich Hiest__ on the 1728 naturalization document and a man by the same name was an adjacent neighbor of Henrich Hiestand on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River in Virginia.
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Richard Cahell (Cahill?) This man was called to witness against David Haston, and for Nathaniel Hays, in the April, 1798 "cow tails" case.
James Charter James Charter was the agent of John & Jane Woods, through whom Daniel leased the land that he was living on at the time of the "timothy lot" case in 1800.  See the location of the land.
William Charter William Charter was a witness for Joseph Haston in the "timothy lot" case involving Samuel Cowan in 1800.
David Clem & Teter Clem
Neighbors of Daniel and Abraham Hiestand in Powell's Fort Valley in VA.  Abraham purchased 300 acres there from David Clem. 
Gerhart / Gerhard Clemens Married Anneli Hiestand Reiff, daughter of Kinget Hiestand and Michael Reiff and migrated to America in 1709.  Settled in the Skippack community in eastern PA.  More
Kinzey / Kinzy Coats A Daniel Haston (husband of Chloe Skaggs) of Adair Co, KY owned 100 acres in 1810 on Russell Creek that originally was owned by Kinzy Coats.
John Coffman / Kauffman Adjacent neighbor who purchased Henrich Hiestand's Hempfield Township, Lancaster County, PA 226 acres in 1743.  Some Hiestand researchers have assumed that Henrich Hiestand married Ann Coffman / Kauffman, but we know of no proof for that.  More
Samuel Cowan Early Knoxville merchant and land owner who took Joseph to court in 1800 because he broke down a fence that supposedly belonged to Cowan.  More
James Cox Married Betsy Roddy on April 9, 1801 in Knox Co, TN.  Betsy (Elizabeth) may have been a daughter of Daniel Haston.
Sarah Ann Creely (Criely) Married Joseph Haston about 1806, perhaps in Knox Co, TN.  She, as per 1850 census, was born in TN.  Some say that she was German.  Possibly daughter of William Creely. More
Thompson Creely Assigned land to John Terry, south of the Caney Fork River, adjacent to or very near land owned by the Daniel Haston family.  Related to Sarah Creely? More
Joseph Cummings (Jr. & Sr.) Joseph, Sr. was a Rev War veteran and one of the earliest White Co settlers.  One of them was early elder in the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
E. Cunningham Messenger from the Big Fork Baptist Church to the Caney Fork Association in 1851 & 1852; not an ordained or licensed preacher.
James Cunningham James Cunningham was a witness for Joseph Haston in the "timothy lot" case involving Samuel Cowan in 1800.  He was probably the man who owned a "burying ground" in the Iredell community south of river in Knoxville.
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William Denny Witnessed Joseph Haston's will on July 23, 1827.  Neighbor of early White Co Hastons.  May have moved to White Co with John Austin who married Daniel's daughter.
John Desmond John Desmond, with William Tipton, put up bond money for Daniel Haston and Elizabeth Roddy to execute the estate settlement for James Roddy in 1800.
Isaac DeTurk Isaac Haston and Isaac DeTurk exchanged Santa Rosa, CA farms in 1861-1862.  One of the earliest viticulturists/grape growers of that area in northern CA.
Thomas Dillon Early White Co, TN land owner who sold land to the Hastons in the 3rd District on Big Spring Branch of Cane Creek.  He acquired this land from the State of TN.
Isaac Dodson David Haston purchased 100 acres for one cent per acre that had once belonged to Isaac Dodson.
Rodum Doyle Isaac Haston sold land on the south side of the Caney Fork River to Rodum Doyle in 1822 or 1832.  This may have been land that Isaac inherited from Daniel.
William Dudley Guardian of Polly Heston who married Matthew Vermillion on November 18, 1830.  She was possibly daughter of Daniel & Chloe Skaggs Haston.
John Dyer "Isaac Hayten" (Haston?) owed John Dyer $1.50 in July, 1831.  Samuel Brown returned John Dyer's estate inventory to court.
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Rev. Nathaniel Earl Preacher at Big Fork Baptist Church and messenger to Caney Fork Association from that church in 1851.
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Lt / Col William Faircloth Signed the "Daniel Haston" Rev War bounty land grant.  Later convicted of Warrenton, NC Rev War pay fraud and implicated in the Glasgow Land Fraud case.
John Finley John Finley of Chambersburg, PA (1806) probably related to Daniel McComisky family.  Same named man lived in Knox & Blount County, TN in 1790s & later.  More
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Robert Gamble Was one of the first elders in the Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church in southern part of White Co, TN where David Haston was a church clerk.
Elizabeth Gillentine Elizabeth Gillentine, born in 1801, was the first wife of Jesse Haston.  Mother of 13 of Jesse's children.  Daughter of Nicholas and Jane Elizabeth Terry Gillentine.
Nicholas Gillentine White Co Hastons' neighbor; civic leader; apparently father-in-law of Jesse Haston; Big Fork Baptist Church messenger to Stockton Valley Assn in 1808, 1810, 1813.  More
Andreas Gimbling
(Andrew Gimlin)
Brother in law of Daniel Hiestand.  His signature appears along with Daniel Hiestand's signature on an early VA document. Signature also on will of Henrich Hiestand.
William Glenn William Glenn, along with David Haston and Woodson P. White, was a witness to a White Co land transaction in 1812.
Joseph Gochenour Joseph Gochenour was an adjacent neighbor to Henrich Hiestand in Lancaster County, PA.  It is possible, but not proven, that his father and Henrich's mother were brother and sister.
John Green 1810 & 1812 messenger from Big Fork Baptist Church to Stockton Valley Assn & 1851 to Caney Fork Assn.  In 1812, indicated to be ordained minister.
Thomas T. Green Born September 23, 1808 in KY;  married Louisa Hastings, daughter of Daniel and Chloe Skaggs Hastings (Haston) in 1829 in White Co, TN by David Hastings.  More
William Greer / Grear Married Eleanor / Elinor McComiskey, daughter of Daniel McComiskey.  Died before 1782 in Guilford County, NC.  More
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Robert & William Haistains On a 1748 militia list for Somerset County, Maryland.  John Hastans was on the same list.  Also, a John Godard was on that list.
Suza Haiston Lived near John Sevier in East TN; he bought melons from her August 12, 1796.  Was she "Mrs. Hairston" to whom he paid $3 on  Oct. 20, 1796?  Was she Mrs. George Haston?  Or, a wife or daughter of our Daniel Haston?
Roddy Hannah Received NC land grant #2343, just before Daniel Haston's grant.  Lived in Guilford Co., NC (area where Phillip Roddy & James Ryan lived).  Also, a Robert Hannah (probably brother) in the same area.  More
Christian Harnisch Married Barbara Hiestand.  Son-in-law of Henrich Hiestand. 
William Haslet William Haslet, Sr. and William Haslet, Jr. were called to witness against David Haston (& for Nathaniel Hays) in the "cow tails" case in April, 1798.
John Hastan John Haston (or Hestan or Hastan) lived in the late 1600s on or near the island of Hestan in the parish of Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire or parish of Borgue (Scotland).
Thomas Hastan William Hastine and Thomas Hastan were residents in the parish of Senneck, 1684 (Scotland). Sons of John Hastan?
John Hastans On a 1748 militia list for Somerset County, Maryland.  Also, Robert Haistains & William Haistains were on the same list.
Daniel Hast / Haste Daniel Hast or Haste, along with David, Edward, & Giles, all showed up in Somerset Co, MD in mid 1600's.  May have been Hastings misspelling.  More
Janet Hasten Janet Hasten is recorded as having lived in Torphichen, in Scotland in 1712.  Was she related to Thomas Hastan and William Hastine? Daughter of John Hastan?
Daniel Hastin (Hasten) Died in Allegheny County in western PA in early 1807.   More
Oliver Hastin Received Rev War pay (although some sources say he never mustered) and his heirs received a military land grant from NC in 1785. 
Joseph Hastin A Guilford County, NC by this name in mid 1780s was a criminal in the case: McAdow v. Leonard / Lennard. 
William Hastine William Hastine and Thomas Hastan were residents in the parish of Senneck, 1684 (Scotland).
Blount Hasting He appeared on the 1828 tax list, right between Joseph and David (see David's timeline).  Was he the Willie B. Haston, son of David, who was born in 1806?
Samuel Hasting East TN name that appears in late 1700s in Washington Co and Jefferson Co, TN.  Possibly the son of Abraham Hiestand and nephew of Daniel Haston.
Daniel Hastings Appeared as witness to the will of James Dickson in Baltimore Co, MD on August 9, 1768.  May be same man who married daughter of Peter Freeny.   More
David Hastings Died in latter part of 1776 in a generally Scots-Irish settlement in Augusta Co, VA, just a few months before Daniel's son David Haston was born in VA.  More
James Bell Hastings Lived next to Isaac Haston in Greene Co, MO.  Probable son of John Holloway Hastings, with roots in Orange Co, NC.   More
John Holloway Hastings Lived next to Isaac Haston in Greene Co, MO.  Probably from English Orange Co, NC Hastings family.   More
Louisa Hastings (Hestand) Married Thomas T. Green 9-22-1829 in White Co, TN by David Hastings;  daughter of Daniel & Chloe Skaggs Hastings;  born  8-15-1811 in Adair Co, KY.  More
Mary "Polly" Hastings Married James Milliken (Milligan) in Knox Co, TN on September 4, 1805.  Very possibly a daughter of Daniel Haston. More
Daniel Haston (of KY) Married Chloe Skaggs on October 21, 1807 in Adair Co, KY.  His daughter was wed to Thomas Taylor Green by David Hastings, Esq. in White Co, TN in 1829.  More
David Haston Son of Daniel Haston.  Born 1777 in VA.  Husband of Peggy - Margaret Roddy.  Died in Van Buren Co, TN in 1860.  More
Dines / Denes Haston Lived at 65 Petticoat Alley in Baltimore, MD as per 1799 Baltimore Directory.  Dennis Hastin lived there in 1800-1801, & Mary Hasten lived there in 1802.
George Haston (Houston?) Married Susanna Wray (Suza Haiston?) on August 21, 1786 in Greene Co, TN.  Benjamin Wray was his security.  No other record of this person. 
Isaac Haston / Hastings Son of Daniel Haston.  Born about 1795 in TN.  Fought in the War of 1812.  Married Agnes Simpson.  Moved to MO then to CA, where he died.  More
John M.C. Hastings / Hastin In Henry County of west TN in 1824, 1833, 1846. Could "M.C." be an abbreviation for McComisky?  Henry Co, TN Hastings supposedly had Orange Co, NC roots.
Jeremiah M.C. Haston Said to have been born about 1800 in Tennessee.  Settled in Dallas County, MO.  DNA evidence indicates that he was closely related to the Daniel Haston family, probably a son of Daniel.  Could "M.C." be abbreviation for McComisky? More
Jesse Haston DNA evidence supports the long-held theory that Jesse was the son of Daniel Haston.  Born in TN in about 1796. Married Elizabeth Gillentine, Susan White, & Ann Barnes.  Moved to MO.  More
John Haston (Maryland) He (with six other men) was approved in 1808 to propose a lottery plan for  raising funds for a school house in or near Emmitsburg, MD (not far from McComiskys).
John Hasten He appears on the 1820 Smith County, TN Federal Census. More
Captain George Haston Rev War captain in Col. Penn's regiment, with a Major Waller.  George Haston probably was from Virginia. More
John, Jurer Haston This man appeared on the 1790 census in the Sanford Township of York Co, in Maine.  Do these words mean that he was a John Haston, junior?  Who was he?
John Haston May 1774 - John Haston vs. Charles Campbell (p. 20 of Montgomery Co, VA Court Orders Book 2). 
Jno. Haston He was on a Washington County, TN jury duty list sometime during 1783. More
Jn. Haston (Washington Co.) A Jn. Haston served on jury duty in Washington County, NC (now TN) sometime in or shortly after 1783.  Joseph & Jonathan Tipton were on the jury at that time.
Joseph Haston Son of Daniel Haston.  Born about 1780.  Married Sarah Criely/Creely.  Died in Van Buren Co, TN before 1830.  More
Joseph Haston Another Joseph Haston appeared on the 1790 census in Haverstraw Township of Orange Co in NY.  1 white male 16 or over; 3 white males under 16, 5 white females.
P. Haston Witnessed a Guilford County March 8, 1790 deed (Isaac Wright to William Thorpe) in Guilford County, NC.
Rebecca Haston Rebecca Haston married Caspre Brown in Wilmington, Delaware on October 7, 1766.  Nothing else known about her.
Stephen Haston May 1774 - Thomas Montgomery vs. Stephen Haston (p. 21 of Montgomery Co, VA Court Orders Book 2). 
Thomas Haston (Hasten) Delinquent tax notices for Jackson County, TN in Tennessee Gazette (3-20-1805 & 6-19-1805).  White County then part of Jackson County.  640 acres on Roaring River.
William Carroll Haston This Wm. Carroll Hasten/Hastings moved from TN to Greene Co, MO in about 1835 and lived adjacent to Isaac Hasten/Hastings.  Was he a son of  Isaac Haston? More
James Hays Witnessed the transfer of the Daniel Haston Rev War land grant from Thomas Hays to Thomas Archer.  Probably married Robert McKemie's sister.  Lived in Guilford County, NC.  View
Nathaniel Hays David Haston cut the tails off of two of his horned cows in about 1798.  Lived in Knox Co, TN at the time, perhaps near the Phillip & Mary Roddy family. More
Thomas Hays Daniel signed his Rev War military bounty land grant over to Thomas Hays on September 30, 1885 (day after he received it).  Lived in Guilford County, NC.
John Hayston Appears on 1790 Census for Patapsco Lower Hundred in Baltimore County, MD (same area as McComiskey family).
Daniel Heiston / Heston Married Betsey / Betsy Harrison in 1810 in Adair Co, KY.  Was this the same man that married Chloe Skaggs in 1807 in that same county?
Daniel Hestand Hestand was a common surname spelling for the Hiestend families that moved to south central KY in the late 1790s.  Abraham Hiestend's son was Daniel Hestand. More
Ann Hiestand Daughter of Henrich Hiestand.  Married Joseph Ruffner and moved to Kanawha County (Charleston) of what is now West Virginia.  Sister of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.
Abraham Hiestand Son of Heinrich Hiestand and brother of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.  Married Magdalene Boehm, first.  Moved to what became east TN and then to KY.  Married Elizabeth _____ after the death of Magdalene.  More
Abraham Hiestand Not the brother of Daniel, nor his nephew.  First known Hiestand male in America as of April 15, 1726 in the Skippack community of PA.  More
Barbara Hiestand Oldest daughter of Henrich Hiestand.  Sister of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.  Married Christian Harnisch, who died.  Then, married a Mr. Ross.   
Daniel Histand / Hiestand Youngest son of Henrich Hiestand of Dunmore/Page Co, VA.  Born about 1750.  Brother of Abraham Hiestand.  Married Christina Nave/Neff in 1773.  This is our Daniel Haston.
Henrich (Henry) Hiestand Father of Abraham, Daniel Hiestand/Haston and other now-Page Co, VA Hiestand descendants.  Immigrant ancestor of all descendants of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.  He was probably born (1704) in the Palatinate of SW Germany, but his family's roots were in Canton Zurich of Switzerland.  Emigrated to America in about 1727.  More
Jacob Hiestand Jacob lived near Henrich Hiestand in Lancaster County, PA. Arrived in America on October 16, 1727.  Probably Henrich's brother or cousin.
Jacob Hiestand - son Oldest son of Henrich Hiestand.  Probably named for the October 16, 1727 immigrant who settled in Hempfield Township of Lancaster County, PA.  Received 330 acres of Henrich's estate, including the place where Henrich lived.  Brother of Daniel Hiestand/Haston. Married Maria Elizabeth Brumbach.  Drowned in 1795.
Johannes (John) Hiestand John lived near Henrich Hiestand in Lancaster County, PA. Arrived in America on October 16, 1727.  Probably Henrich's brother or cousin.
John Hiestand Son of Henrich Hiestand.  Married Elizabeth _____.  Brother of Daniel Hiestand/Haston. Received 232 acres from Henrich's estate.
Küngold ("Kinget") Hiestand She was born in Richterswil, Switzerland and married Michael Reiff who died in Germany, then married Johannes "Hans" Stauffer.  She and Hans came to America in 1710. What was her relationship to Henrich Hiestand?  More
Mary Magdalena Hiestand Daughter of Henrich Hiestand.  Married Andrew Gimling / Gimlin on December 5, 1773.  Sister of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.
Peter Hiestand Son of Henrich Hiestand.  Married Barbara _____.  Received 230 acres from Henrich's estate.  Brother of Daniel Hiestand/Haston.  Will probated March 9, 1812.
John Hill Messenger (but not a licensed or ordained preacher) from Big Fork Baptist Church to Stockton Valley Association in 1808, 1810, & 1812
Daniel Hutson / Hitson On 1785 Halifax Co, VA census.  Nicholas Gillentine, father in law of Isaac Haston and neighbor to White Co, TN Hastons, was from there.
Hutson / Huston / Hudson Family from Fairfield of Hyde County, NC.  Document has supposedly been seen that says Daniel Haston was discharged from army there. 
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Enoch Jobe Man by this name attended Big Pigeon Baptist in Cocke Co, TN with Abraham Hiestend's family...later same name lived near White Co, TN Hastons.
Isaac Johnson Isaac Johnson, along with Isaac Pruett, witnessed David Haston's September 1806 sale of 111 Knox Co acres to Ezekiel Baldwin.
William Jones William Jones was paid by David Haston to take his place in the War of 1812.  That was a legal and honorable thing to do at that time.  But who was William Jones?
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Martin Kauffman (I, II, III) Martin Kauffman II (died 1805) was a Mennonite preacher who became a Baptist, then a Mennonist-Baptist. Built the "White House" near Luray, VA as his home, which was also used for a church.  For a few years was co-minister with John Koontz in the Mill Creek Baptist Church.
Joseph Kerr / Kere

Bought 640 acres of NC military grant land from Daniel Haston (Huston?) in Davidson County, TN on April 28, 1791. 

Margaret Kerr Married John Finley in November 1793 in Knox Co, NC/TN.  Had she previously been married to a Mr. Kerr and was her maiden name McComisky?  More
Elder John Koontz Baptist preacher who lived, for a few years, adjacent to the Henrich Hiestand family in VA.  Pastor of Mill Creek Baptist Church.  Performed marriages for several members of the Hiestand family.
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Obadiah Leonard / Lennard McAdow v. Obadiah Lennard: Mid 1780s Guilford County, NC court case in which a "Joseph Hastin" was a criminal.
Thomas Lewis Messenger from the Big Fork Baptist Church to the Caney Fork Association in 1852.  (but not a licensed or ordained preacher)
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John McAdow McAdow v. Obadiah Lennard (Leonard): Mid 1780s Guilford County, NC court case in which a "Joseph Hastin" was a criminal.  Probably brother-in-law to John Ryon (brother of James Ryan) and lived adjacent to Roddy Hannah.
Daniel McComisky Baltimore, MD in late 1700s.  James Ryon children (KY) and Philip Roddy children of Knox Co, TN were heirs.  McComisky/McCumskey name in Haston family may be associated with him.  More
John McComiskey Oldest son of Daniel McComiskey of Baltimore County, MD.
Moses McComiskey Son of Daniel McComiskey of Baltimore County, MD.
Robert McKemie / McKimie Guilford County, NC Justice of Peace; witnessed the transfer of the Daniel Haston Rev War land grant from Thomas Hays to Thomas Archer.  Probably a brother in law to James HaysView
Susana Matkocks (Maddox / Midlock?) Susana Matkocks married Isham Bradley on May 13, 1798 in Blount Co, TN.  Daughter of John Mattox (see below)?  Daughter of Charles Matlock?
John Mattox or Matton Daniel Haston put up bond money to support a (1795-1797) court case for John Mattox against John Stone.  Isham Bradley married a Susana Matkocks in 1798 in Blount Co, TN.
Daniel Mauck Adjacent neighbor of Henrich Hiestand in VA and member of the Mill Creek Church which met in the Mauck's Meeting House that was situated on his land in Hamburg, VA.
Isaac Midkiff Isaac Midkiff owned land to the south & west of Daniel Haston's 150 acres in the Big Spring branch area of Cane Creek, at the time (1807) that Daniel purchased his land.
John Miller  Put up bond money for David Haston in April 1798 Knox Co. "cow tails" case. Man by the same name appears to have been Haston neighbor in White Co.  (see David timeline)
James Millican / Milliken Married Polly Hastings on 4 Sept. 1805 in Knox Co, TN.  Died in 1836 in Shelby County, IL.  Son in law to Daniel Haston?
Charles Mitchell Charles Mitchell was a White Co, TN neighbor of the Hastons.  Isham Bradley sold him 50 acres on Big Springs Branch in 1809.  Mitchell later sold it to David Haston.
Jacob Mitchell Owned land adjoining White Co Hastons in early 1800s.  Daniel Haston was fined for assaulting him in 1818.  Married Lucinda Haston / Hasting. Very probably Daniel's son in law?
Lucinda Hastings Mitchell Wife of Jacob Mitchell.  Jacob and Lucinda settled on land adjacent to Daniel and Joseph Haston in early White County.  Very probably a daughter of Daniel Haston?
Spencer Mitchell Early White Co, TN settler.  One of first elders in Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Donated land for that church and cemetery.
Elizabeth Hiestand Mix Daughter of John Hiestand and Rebecca Smith.  Mother of Tom Mix, early 1900s movie star.  More
Allison Montgomery Daughter of Alexander Montgomery and Alision Kow (or Gow). Married William Haston (b. 1715 d. 1778) in 1735 in Amelia Co, VA.  William Hastine / Hastan of Scotland?
William Moore 1852 Big Fork Baptist Church messenger to Caney Fork Assn. (not licensed nor ordained preacher)  Association representatives contacted him in 1856 when the church apparently dissolved. 
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Christina Nave or Neff Married Daniel Histand (Hiestand?) on September 28, 1773 in Shenandoah Co, VA.  Probably daughter of Dr. John Henry Neff.
Dr. John Henry Naffe/Neff Dr. Neff moved to North Fork of Shenandoah River (1.5 miles north of what is now New Market) in about 1750.  Probable father of Christina Nave/Neff, although he did not mention her in his will.
John Nave John Nave appears in Washington Co, NC/TN records in the late 1700s.  As per Nave/Neff researchers, from a different line than Christina Nave who married Daniel Hiestand.
Jacob Neff / Knave David Haston played minor role in administration of Jacob Neff's Knox County, TN 1805-1806 estate settlement.  Probably the nephew of Christiana Nave Hiestand/Haston and first cousin of David Haston.  More & More
Captain Daniel Newman Isaac Haston was a private in Captain Daniel Newman's Company, Tennessee Militia Regiment, during the War of 1812.
Lawson Nourse Early physician in Sparta, TN.  Daniel, David, & Joseph owed him money as per 1821 inventory of his estate.  Lived in town of Sparta or vicinity as per tax records.
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Captain Parker Daniel, David, & Joseph were on an 1826 tax list for Captain Parker's militia company in White Co, TN.  This was final list on which Daniel appeared.
John S. Parker This man witnessed Joseph Haston's will on July 23, 1827.  Co-witnesses were Isham Bradley and William Denny.
Isaac Pruett / Pruitt Captain of White Co militia company that early Hastons were in.  Same name witnessed 1806 land deed for David in Knox Co.  Married sister of Sarah Creely's brother-in-law.  More
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William Ray Big Fork Baptist Church preacher in 1810, 1812, 1813.  Formerly pastored  Kettle Creek Baptist in southern KY, as well as other White Co, TN churches.
Michael Reiff Married Kinget Hiestand and died in Germany.  Father of Anneli Reiff who married Gerhart Clemens and emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1709. 
John Rhodes Mennonite preacher who, along with several members of his family, were massacred by Indians in 1764.  Lived across (west of) the South Fork Shenandoah River from the Henrich Hiestand family. 
George Richards George Richards was a witness for Samuel Cowan and against Joseph Haston in the 1800 "timothy lot" case in Knox Co, TN.
Eleanor Roddy Called to witness in the 1798 Knox Co "cow tails" case involving David Haston.  Seems to be sister of Moses & Mary Ann and daughter of Phillip & Mary Roddy.
Elizabeth Roddy Appointed with Daniel Haston, as co-executor of the estate of James Roddy in April, 1800.  Daughter of Daniel Haston? "Betsy" Roddy married James Cox on 4-9-1801.
Henry Roddy Appeared on the 1790 Federal Census for Washington Co, MD: 1 free white male 16 or over, 2 free white males under 16, 4 free white females. 
James Roddy Not the Col. James Roddy.  Daniel Haston was appointed administrator of this man's estate in 1800 in Knox Co, TN...along with Elizabeth Roddy.  Wm. Tipton put up bond. Possible son of Philip Roddy.
James Roddy, Jr. Son of Col. James Roddye, Rev War and Indian fighting hero.  Vaguely mentioned in the will of Col. Roddye.  Not the man who died in 1800 (in Knox County, TN).
John Roddy Lived in Patapsco Lower Hundred of Baltimore County, MD in 1773.  Was he related to Phillip / Philip Roddy who married Mary McComisky?
Joseph Roddy Lived in St. Paul's Parish of Baltimore County, MD in 1774.  Was he related to the Phillip / Philip Roddy who married Mary McComisky / McComiskey?
Margaret/Peggy Roddy Married David Haston in 1800 in Knox Co, TN.  Her parents have never been identified by researchers.  Was she a daughter of Phillip & Mary Roddy?
Mary Ann Roddy Called to witness in the 1798 Knox Co "cow tails" case involving David Haston.  Seems to be sister of Moses & Eleanor and daughter of Phillip & Mary Roddy.
Mary McComisky Roddy Daughter of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore.  Married Phillip Roddy who moved to NC and then to Knox Co, TN.  
Moses Roddy Son of Phillip & Mary Roddy, who was daughter of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore.  Knox Co, TN area in late 1700s and early 1800s. Witnessed against David Haston.
Pattarick / Patrick Roddy On 1790 Baltimore Co, MD census, Patapsco Lower Hundred.  1 white male over 16, 2 white males under 16, 3 white females.  May have died in 1801.  Wife = E. Roddey.
Phillip Roddy / Roddey Husband of Mary McComisky and son-in-law of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore.  Randolph Co, NC 1790 census & owned Guilford Co, NC land in late 1700s.  Knox Co, TN in late 1700s. More.
Philip Roddy 14 year old orphan bound to John Webb in January of 1805.  Was this the son of Phillip & Mary McComisky.  Who was John Webb?  How was he related to Roddys?
Rosanna Roddy Daughter of Phillip & Mary Roddy, who was the daughter of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore.  Mistress of Richard G. Waterhouse.  Knox/Rhea Co, TN areas.
Samuel Roddy Lived in St. Paul's Parish of Baltimore County, MD in 1774.  He witnessed leases on Dec. 31, 1771 & Nov. 9, 1772 in Baltimore.  Was he related to Phillip Roddy?
Sarah / Sally Roddy Daughter of Phillip & Mary Roddy, who was the daughter of Daniel McComisky of Baltimore.  Married William Pruitt, brother of Isaac Pruitt.  More
____ Ross Unknown first name.  Married Henrich Hiestand's daughter Barbara, when her first husband Christian Harnisch died.  Henrich was not happy about the marriage. 
Joseph Ruffner Son of Peter Ruffner.  Married Ann Hiestand, daughter of Henrich Hiestand.  Joseph and Ann moved to what is now West Virginia and became prominent entrepreneurs in salt mining. 
James Ryan / Ryon Married Eleanor / Elinor McComisky, daughter of Daniel McComesky of Baltimore County, MD.  Lived in Guilford County, NC and Washington County, TN in late 1700s and Wayne County, KY in early 1800s.  More
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Captain Jesse Scroggin / Scoggon Daniel Haston on a tax list in Captain Scroggin's / Scoggon's militia company (former Prewitt Company) in White Co in 1821.  Elder in Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Captain Schlockley (Shockley) David Hasting appeared on a tax list in Captain Schlockley's militia company in White Co for 1835.
Captain Simmons David Haston seems to have been in his White Co militia company in 1833, and gathered the data for the 1833 tax census for that company.
Agnes Simpson Agnes Simpson married Isaac Haston in about June, 1813.  She was born in TN in 1799.  She was the mother of 14 children.
Archibald Skaggs Adair Co, KY early settler and father of Chloe Skaggs, wife of a Daniel Haston.  Executor of this Daniel Haston's 1820 estate.  More
Chloe Skaggs Married a Daniel Haston in Adair Co, KY on October 21, 1807.  Her daughter was wed to Thomas Green by David Hastings, Esq. in White Co, TN in 1829.  More
Joseph Smith Probably lived near the Hastons.  Collected taxes in Captain Isaac Pruett militia company.  Man by same name married Polly Creeley, June 17, 1800 in Knox Co, TN.  More
Polly Stacy Polly Stacy married Thomas Haston, who was born in Scotland about 1692 (and died 1730).  Was she the grandmother of Daniel Haston?
John Stone John Stone vs John Matton / Mattox & Daniel Hasting, 1795-1797 Knox County, TN court case.  John Stone may have been the Knoxville inn keeper & tavern operator that John Sevier often referred to.
James Stuart James Stuart was a witness to the December 21, 1793 wedding certificate for James Roddy / Roddey and Elizabeth Haiston (Houston?). 
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David Tate David Tate was the bondsman for the marriage of December 1793 marriage of James Roddy / Roddey to Elizabeth Haiston (Houston?) in Washington Co, NC (TN).
Peter Tear Henrich Hiestand purchased 400 acres from him in Powell's Fort Valley in VA.
John Terry Claimed land near the Daniel Haston family in the early years of their White County era.  Probable father-in-law of Nicholas Gillentine.  More
Jonathan Tharp Jonathan Tharp, along with John Wheeler, was bondsman in the 1815 James Roddy estate settlement that Abram Tipton administrated.  
Abram Tipton Made final settlement of James Roddy estate in 1815.  Same estate that Daniel Haston & Elizabeth Roddy were appointed to administrate in 1800, or another one?  Married Jane/Jennie Roddy.
John Tipton Militia leader in Frederick/Shenandoah County, VA.  Father of William "Fighting" Billy Tipton? 
Wm. "Fighting Billy" Tipton Son of Col. John Tipton.  Lived south of Knoxville in post Rev War era, later in Blount Co.  Put up bond for Daniel Haston in 1800 James Roddy estate settlement. 
Dennis Towmey / Towney Purchased land from Phillip Roddy in Guilford County, NC in 1791.  In 1802 assisted Joseph Haston in selling James Roddy estate land in Guilford County, NC.  More.
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Richard G. Waterhouse Rosannah Roddy was his mistress.  Married Polly Tipton.  Negotiated Daniel McComisky estate for some heirs.  Lived in Iredell community, south of Holston River in Knox Co, TN and operated the ferry there.
John Webb 14 year old Philip Roddy (perhaps son of Phillip & Mary Roddy) was bound by the court to this John Webb in January, 1805.  Did he marry one of Philip's older sisters?
Jacob Welker Daniel Haston served as a juryman in a court case in which Jacob Welker was tried for assault and battery in June/July of 1795.  Welker was acquitted. 
John Wheeler John Wheeler, along with Jonathan Tharp, was bondsman in the 1815 James Roddy estate settlement that Abram Tipton administrated.  
John S. White Early White Co settler, for whom the county was named, as per tradition.  Rev War vet from Amelia Co, VA who lived about 2 miles from the Hastons in White Co.  Born 1751.  But, White County may have been named after General James White, founder of Knoxville, TN.
Susan Catherine M. White Susan was the second wife of Jesse Haston.  They were married in August, 1847 in Howard Co, MO.  She apparently was married previously to someone named White.
Woodson P. White Son of John S. White (see above).  Co-witness with David Haston to a sale of land in 1812. 
Caspar Wistar Henrich Hiestand borrowed a large amount of money from Wistar, who was an entrepreneurial real estate agent in Pennsylvania in the first half of the 18th century.  More
John and Jane Woods Daniel leased land from John & Jane Woods.  He was living on this land at the time of the Joseph Haston vs Samuel Cowan "timothy lot" court case in 1800.
Nathan Woods Seems to have been a neighbor of David Haston in White Co.  The name appears on certain land transactions.  Woods sold land to Margaret Boyd (Boyed?) in 1812.
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