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Working Plan for the In-Progress Book:
The Heritage of Daniel Haston:

Son of Swiss-German Mennonite Immigrant Henrich Hiestand
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Swiss-German historical-genealogical books by J. Ross Baughman.  Some of these books have quite a bit of information on the Hiestand family and where they came from in Switzerland and, later, southwest Germany.  Free downloads.

(Added September 2017)

The History of White County by Rev. Monroe Seals - the entire book.

(Added September 2017)

Who were the first (known) Hiestands to live in America?  At least two Hiestands came to America before our Henrich Hiestand arrive here.

(Added August 2017)

Who were Henrich Hiestand's parents? - Were they Hans Henrich and Maria Gochenour Hiestand?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Take a look at the evidence.

(Added August 2017)

New Image Galleries - These galleries contain images of early members of the extended family of Daniel Haston, as well as other families related to the Haston families and also neighboring families. Some of the galleries also are dedicated to images of places or organizations of interest to these families.

(Added March 2017)

European Roots of Daniel Haston.  An entirely new section with a page on each of these:
  • Richterswil, Switzerland - the village where the Hiestands originated, as early as 1401.
  • Rise and Persecution of Anabaptists (Mennonites) - religious group with which many of the early Hiestands identified, including Daniel's father (Henrich Hiestand) and ancestors.
  • Ibersheim of the Palatinate in Germany - farming village where the Swiss Hiestands fled to escape religious persecution from Swiss authorities.
  • Emigration - from Ibersheim to America, including reasons for emigration, the route Henrich probably took, the transatlantic voyage, and arrival in America.
  • Historical overview of the search for Daniel Haston's European roots.

(Added January 22, 2017)

Henrich Hiestand - Daniel's father.  An entire section on what we know about Henrich Hiestand, our immigrant ancestor who came to America in or before 1727.  Two main sections:

  • Henrich Hiestand - the Pennsylvania Years
  • Henrich Hiestand - the Virginia Years

(Added January 22, 2017)

Bibliography of more than 250 of the resources (books, mostly on this list) that have been used (in some way) in the research processes underlying The Heritage of Daniel Haston website.  (Added September 10, 2016)

Where Daniel was probably born and where he grew up in Virginia.  His father, Henry Hiestand's land on the South Fork of Shenandoah River near what is now Luray, Virginia and Henry's land in Powell's Fort Valley on the Massanutten Mountain between what is now New Market, Virginia and Luray Virginia. Daniel lived on Powell's Fort Valley land after he married and until he moved south. (Added September 5, 2016 but some of the content created earlier)

Where Daniel Haston's family lived while they were in the Knoxville, TN area - "south of the Holston, opposite Knoxville" on a lot rented from James Charter.  (Added July 14, 2015)

Timeline of Heinrich Hiestand's Virginia Family, from 1727-1801.  The first few entries deal with his pre-Virginia years in Lancaster County, PA.  (Created earlier but posted July 3, 2015)

Important Note: For the first several years that this site was being developed (beginning in the fall of 2000), there was no definite proof that the Daniel Haston who settled and died in White County (now Van Buren) County, Tennessee was the son of the Swiss-German Heinrich Hiestand who settled and died in what is now Page County, VA.  There was a lot of evidence to suggest that Swiss-German connection, but some descendants of Daniel Haston claimed that Daniel was English or Scots-Irish or a Dutchman from the Netherlands. Thus, we tried to remain open to any of these possibilities until his European roots could be proven with substantial evidence. Beginning in October 2008, DNA tests (in connection with other historical and genealogical evidence) involving male descendants of Daniel Haston, proved beyond a doubt that Daniel Haston was a member of the Swiss-German Hiestand family of Page County, VA.

We are working on updating the site to reflect what we now know about Daniel's Swiss-German roots.  If you find statements on the site that indicate that Daniel's European roots are unknown or that he may have not been the son of Heinrich Hiestand, please disregard that information.  Or, better yet, please contact me so that I can update it.  (Added February 26, 2012)

DNA research project for male, paternal lineage descendants of Daniel Haston.  (Added October 18, 2010)

Records from Howard County, MO that were associated with members of the Jesse Haston family.  (Added January 3, 2009)

A table including all 51 North Carolina Revolutionary War land warrants issued on September 29, 1785 by William Faircloth--on the same day and by the same man who issued Daniel Haston's warrant #2344  (Added December 1, 2007)

John Hasten of Smith County, TN - email Correspondence between Roger Hastings & Wayne Haston  (Added November 24, 2007)

Some direct and indirect connections to the Daniel Haston family in Randolph and Guilford counties of North Carolina in late 1700s & early 1800s.  (November 23, 2007)

1840-1872 Van Buren County circuit court minutes now available on CD.  Proceeds go to restore and maintain the Big Fork Cemetery where Daniel Haston and many of his family members are buried.  (Added August 31, 2006)

Death Certificate for Emily J. Hastain, daughter of Isaac and Agnes Hastain.  (Added March 4, 2006)

The Caney Fork of the Cumberland book by Arthur Weir Crouch.  Approximately 100 pages of printed material on the Caney Fork River, with photos, sketches, and lots of valuable historical facts and tales.  (Added October 6, 2005)

Daniel Haston family perspective annotations of 1840-1866 Van Buren County Court minutes.  Fifty pages of printable notes from the county court minutes of this era of interest to Haston family researchers.  (Added September 2005)

Montgomery (M.G.) Haston was a prominent Van Buren County, TN citizen in the mid-1800s.  We do not know who his father was or to which branch of the Daniel Haston family he belonged.  (Added December 4, 2004)

1840-1866 Van Buren County, TN court minutes (1200+ pages) are now available on CD for $30.00. (Added November 11, 2004)

Isham Bradley was the marriage bondsman for David Haston and moved to White County, TN with the Daniel Haston family.  Who was he? This new page will tell you all that we know about him. (Added November 7, 2004)

A "David Hastings" (or David Hesten) died in late 1776 in a Scots-Irish community of Augusta County, VA.  Was he related to our Daniel Haston and was Daniel's son, David, named for him?  (Added October 2, 2004)

What we know and don't know about the location of Danl. Histand's and Christina Nave's original marriage record, or a copy of it (based on research at the Library of Virginia in Richmond, VA).   (Added September 25, 2004)

A "Reader's Digest" overview of and introduction to what is known about the life of Daniel Haston and his immediate family.  This is a good place to start if you are a newcomer to Haston family research.  (Added September 17, 2004)

Historic Images - Southern White & Northern Van Buren Counties, TN.  Anyone with historic images related to this area (or families from this area) can upload image files to this site.  (Added September 10, 2004)

Hastain biographies from St. Clair and Henry Counties, MO.  These were sons and grandsons of Daniel McCumskey Hastain - the son of David Haston. (Added September 11, 2004)

Isaac Haston/Hastings probate and will documents.  (Added September 5, 2004)

Page on John Holloway Hastings (Greene County, Missouri neighbor of Isaac & William Carroll Hasten/Hastings) and his possible kinship relationship to the Daniel Haston family.  (Added September 4, 2004)

Photo of James A. Haston's family from about 1858.  James A. Haston was the oldest child of Joseph and Livinia Fidella King Haston.  (Added August 11, 2004)

1890s map of northern Van Buren County, TN with roads and streams highlighted with colors.  (Added August 12, 2004)

Map of 1840 Van Buren County line (from White County source).  This was not the official line, as recognized by the State of Tennessee.

Page of miscellaneous notes and observations regarding the Haston Big Spring area (near Cane Creek, south of the Caney Fork River), including information on Kirkland's Store and an old meeting and school house that was under the care of Robert Gamble, William Denney, and Abijah Crain.  (Added August 10, 2004)

Email with information on Peggy Hastings, who married James Milliken in early Knox County, TN.  (Added June 22, 2004)

Death certificate for Jesse Axley Hasting, son of Isaac & Agnes Simpson Hastings.  (Added May 31, 2004)

1811-1839 White County, TN tax lists for the area south of the Caney Fork river where Daniel Haston and his family settled.  (until the founding of Van Buren County, TN)  (Added January 2004)


Timeline for Abraham Hiestand, son of Heinrich Hiestand and brother of Daniel Hiestand (perhaps the brother of Daniel Haston of White Co, TN)  (Added October 5, 2003)

Locator maps for the Big Pigeon Baptist Church of Cocke County, TN and the Little Pigeon River where Abraham Hiestand lived in 1793.  (Added October 5, 2003)

HASTON email list:  Complete information on how to subscribe to and use the HASTON email list group, which is now under the administration of Wayne Haston, administrator of this website.    (Added September 28, 2003)

Thesis by Russell Koonts on the Glasgow Rev War North Carolina land grant frauds and his research paper on the Warrenton, North Carolina Rev War army pay frauds.  Very interesting and helpful background reading related to researching Daniel Haston's participation in the Revolutionary War, although Daniel's name is not specifically referenced in either document.  (Added September 30, 2003)

Map indicating the areas in early Knox County, TN were Daniel Haston's family lived, from the mid 1790s to 1802 or so, and where David Haston's family lived (including a deed plat for David's land) from 1802-1806.   (Added September 27, 2003)

1801-1804 Knox County, TN court case in which Daniel Haston was a witness.  Provides clues regarding where the Haston family lived in Knox County and when Daniel Haston probably left that area.   (Added September 6, 2003)

Inter-relationships involving several Knox Co, TN families, such as the Pruitts, Stickleys, Creelys, Hastons, and others, who moved to White Co, TN in the first decade of the 1800s.  Also, connections to Jacob Nave & Lonas family.  (Added September 6, 2003)

Numerous notes and comments added to the David Haston Bible record page.  (Added August 15,  2003)

Revolutionary War land grant documents for Daniel Haston.  (Added August 1,  2003)

Portrait of William Carroll Haston, Sr., the youngest son of David Haston.  (Added January 2003)

Legends & Stories of White County, Tennessee.  1930 masters thesis by Miss Coral Williams.  Nearly 100 printable pages.  This was the first major "history" of White County to be written, but was never made available to the general public until its publication on this web site.  (Added November 2002)

1811-1876 White County tax records available on a single CD.  Proceeds go to the Big Fork Cemetery Fund.  (Added November 2002)

A roster of over 350 people who were once members of the Old Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Hickory Valley of White County, TN.  Many of their pictures are also available for online viewing.  (Added December 31, 2002)

Maps of the south central area of KY and middle section of TN.  Abraham & Daniel Hiestend / Hestand settled in south central KY, as did a Daniel Haston (who had some kind of relationship to the White County, TN Daniel Haston family).  These maps show the geographic relationships of those KY areas with the TN location of the Daniel Haston family.  (Added November 2002)

More than 150 printable pages on the Old Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where David Haston served as the first church clerk.  There are over 75 pages of historical information here, plus the 1883-1946 church minutes, the church register for over 100 years, lots of pictures, and more.  (Added October 2002)

Compare the two Daniel H (Hestand / Haston) men who lived in south-central Kentucky in the early 1800s.  The daughter of Daniel Haston of Adair Co, KY was wed (to Thomas T. Green) by David Hastings, Esq. (David Haston) in White County, TN in 1829.  (Added October 2002)

Dicie Cummings Shockley, allegedly a great-grand daughter of Daniel Haston. (added May 2002)

Theories, speculation, clues, & hearsay regarding who Daniel Haston's wife may have been.  (added May 25, 2002)

Pictures of all of the graves of people known to be buried in them from the Big Fork Cemetery.  Click on name-links in the "Identified Graves" section.  (added May 2002)

New information on the James Roddey-Elizabeth Haiston (Houston?) marriage.  Elizabeth could have been Daniel Haston's daughter.  (added May 2002)

1775 Dunmore County, VA census with entries for Danl and Abram Heaston households.  (added May 2002)

Map of Old Union - Big Fork Cemetery - Big Spring area, showing the home locations of Daniel and David Haston in relationship to those landmarks.  (added May 2002)

Map of the Haston Big Spring area in what was southern White County, TN (now northern Van Buren County) in the early 1800s, with information on the settlers of that area and pictures of the Haston Big Spring  (completed April 2002)

David & Margaret Roddy Haston Brief Biographical Sketch  (added March 2002)

Bennett Valley Cemetery section  (added March 2002)

Isaac & Agnes Simpson Haston / Hastings are buried in this Sonoma County, CA cemetery, near Santa Rosa, CA.

Title and Menu Page for Isaac Haston / Hastings section  (added March 2002)

Haston Big Spring Area Map, Information, and Pictures  (added March 2002)

A Daniel Haston on Jury Duty in Jefferson Co, TN - 1797  (added February 22, 2002)

August 8, 10 November 7
Daniel Hastins in Jefferson Co, TN Jury Duty:  A Daniel Hastins (Hasten, Haston, Hastin) served on juries in Jefferson County, TN in the August & November court sessions.  Jefferson County was and is located just east of Knox County.
  • Tuesday, August 8, 1797
  • Thursday, August 10, 1797
  • Tuesday, November 7, 1797 

This "Daniel" was probably the son of Abraham Hiestend/Haston.  Abraham was known to have been in Jefferson County in 1794.  The Daniel Haston (possibly the brother of Abraham Hiestend/Haston) who moved to White County a few years later served jury duty in Knox County in Knox County's November 1797 court session, just five days before the Jefferson County "Daniel" (probably Abraham's son) served in Jefferson County's November 1797 court session.  It is highly unlikely that the same person would have served on juries for two different counties in November 1797 court sessions (separated by only five days).
Source:  Original pages 232, 241, 249-249 of the Jefferson County, TN Court Minutes for 1792-1795.  Pages 73, 76, 78 of the transcription of those minutes by James L. Douthat & Roberta D. Hatcher; Mountain Press, 1985.

Transfer of David Haston's Land to Youngest Son   (Added January 1, 2002)

David Haston's White County Land Acquisitions Chart   (Added January 1, 2002)

Daniel's 1808 Survey of White County, TN Land    (Added November 2001)

1830 Revolutionary War Veterans Mortality List Card    (Added November 2001)

See a copy of the Daniel Hasting / Hastin file card that indicates his age to be 91 at the time of his death in 1826 in White County, TN.  Read about the history and mystery of this card's whereabouts. 

Daniel Haston Timeline    (Added November 2001)

Entry for 1735

Note:  Perhaps Daniel's approximate birth date can be determined by other means.
(1) Poll tax:  In 1811 (year of White County, TN's earliest existing tax record) Daniel was not charged a poll tax, because (as the White County, TN court minutes indicate) men over 50 years of age were exempt from the poll tax.  This would indicate that he was born in 1760 or earlier.
(2) Jury duty:  Daniel was very active in jury duty in Knox County, TN from 1795-1801 (see timeline entries below).  However, it appears that his court duty ended abruptly in the fall of 1801.  A genealogical information classic, The Source, indicates that jury members were selected in rotation by the tax roll.  (pages 156 & 235, by Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny).  Perhaps Daniel Haston turned 50 years of age in or around the year 1801 (explaining the abrupt end to his jury duties), which would place his birth date somewhere near 1750.  A 1750 birth date would fit some of the other things that we know about his life, such as the birth dates of some of his children, Revolutionary War service, and possible 1773 marriage date.  Perhaps the person who supplied for the 1830 Rev War veterans mortality record was guessing at his age.

April 29
Daniel Sued by John Stone:  Daniel Hastings was sued by John Stone (John Stone vs Daniel Hastings, case: Rhea 52-383).  John Stone was a prominent business man in Knoxville.  "The Defendant having been duly warned and not appearing though solemnly called On motion of the Plaintiff by his Attorney It is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff may have Execution against the Defendant for Thirteen Dollars twenty four and one half cents the costs in the writ aforesaid specified and also that the Plaintiff recover against the said Defendant his costs by him expended in suing forth and prosecuting this writ."  This is probably the same man (John Stone) that Daniel and John Mattox took to court earlier.
Source:  Original page 227 from Knox County, TN Record Book No. 1, Vol., 1795-1799 (WPA transcriptions).

There are also approximately two dozen new Knox County jury duty entries for the 1790s and early 1800s in the Daniel's timeline.

Entry for 1807, July 21 & August 28

Thomas Dillon:  The Mystery of Certificate No. 63

          Thomas Dillon of Davidson County (Nashville), TN was a well known land speculator in his day, who bought large tracts of land and later sold them to early middle Tennessee settlers.  Much of this land was secured through or from Stokley (Stockley) Donelson, who was the brother in law of Andrew Jackson and a prominent surveyor-land dealer in the early years of Tennessee, and even prior to its statehood.
         A study of the original land grants in the area "south of the Caney Fork River," in what became White and Warren County, TN, reveals that many of those grants (including Daniel Hasting's) claimed to have been "by virtue of part of No. 63 for 5000 acres" that Thomas Dillon acquired from Stockley (or Stokley) Donelson.  It is frustrating to attempt to identify this 5000 acre tract with any of the particular grants that Stockley Donelson once owned or that Thomas Dillon had purchased.  Perhaps there is a match, but as of October 2001 it had not been found.
          In 1809 the TN General Assembly issued an act which stated that a certificate had been issued for a grant (# 346 for 5000 acres) for land that "could not be identified."  (Note:  This was probably not the same grant from which Daniel's land came.)   The act further stated that the "said grant originated from an entry of No 2562...which entry is only for five hundred acres, instead of five thousand acres."  Land fraud was a common practice by the early North Carolina & Tennessee land speculators.  It is likely that Dillon simply added an additional "0" to the "500" acres and doctored the paperwork to multiply his assets.  Fortunately, the TN General Assembly did issue acts of "relief" to allow defrauded settlers to legally register their lands.  For example, Daniel Hasting, Isham Bradley, Joseph Hasting (and other of their neighbors) were known to have received legitimate certificates of survey from the State of Tennessee shortly after their land purchases were registered.
         Were Daniel Haston and his neighbors victims of land fraud by Thomas Dillon?  Was certificate No. 63 for 5000 acres of land (from which the south of the Caney Fork River settlers received their grants) a legitimate certificate?  Who was the first white person to own the land where Daniel settled?  Which Revolutionary War veteran from the NC Continental Army was granted the land for his military service?

Sources:  Miscellaneous TN State Library and Archives land records for Thomas Dillon and Stockley Donelson.  Chapter LXLII (page 208) of Acts Passed at the First Session of the Eighth General Assembly of the State of Tennessee.

David Haston Timeline    (Added November 2001)
November 11
Jacob Neff (Nave) Estate Settlement:  David Haston was paid $1.00 for some role in the estate settlement of Jacob Neff / Knave in Knox Co, TN.  The WPA transcription says "for crying vendue" but the original document is unclear.  Isaac Prewet also was paid for some role.  What was the relationship between this Jacob Neff and the Christina Nave who married Daniel Hiestend in Shenandoah Co, VA in 1773?
Source:  Original page 224 of Knox Co, TN Estate Book, Volume 1 (1792-1811).
Signed Two Contradictory Petitions:  David Haston signed a petition from Peter Hoodenpile to the TN General Assembly to be permitted to create a toll turnpike from Bledsoe County into White, Warren, and other counties of TN.
Source:  28-3-1831 1-3 of 1812-1813 TN Legislative Petitions (TSLA Legislative Petitions Microfilm # 4)

In the same year, David Haston signed a petition from the citizens of White County, TN to the TN General Assembly to overturn the earlier petition by Peter Hoodenpile to build a toll turnpike from Bledsoe County courthouse across the Cumberland Mountain.  The person who drafted the petition apparently transcribed all of the signatures into his own handwriting.  No specific date is stated in the document.
Source:  21-3-1831 1-4 of 1812-1813 TN Legislative Petitions (TSLA Legislative Petitions Microfilm # 4)

February 5
David Granted 100 Acres:  David acquired a 100 acres land grant (No. 1278) in White County.  He was an "assignee of Isaac Dodson."  This grant was made "pursuant to an act of the General Assembly...passed on the third day of December 1825."  This appears to be the 1825 act of the TN General Assembly that allowed persons "to enter any vacant or unappropriated paying into the county entry taker's office, one cent per acre," as per Chapter 64 (pages 72-73) of Public Acts, of the State of Tennessee for 1825 (from TSLA).  This tract was "on the waters of the Caney fork and on Cumberland Mountain."  It included "the improvement whereon Robert Kimbrel formerly lived and excluding the same from the land herein granted."
Source:  # 911 on page 344 of Mountain District (TN) Land Grants Book B (microfilm roll # 127 at TSLA).
July 27
David Granted 71+ Acres:  David acquired a land grant of  71+ acres in White County.  The land was surveyed on November 7, 1829 and was entered or registered on May 27, 1830.  David only paid one cent per acre for this land, due to the December 3, 1825 act of the TN General Assembly that allowed people to secure vacant or unappropriated lands in certain parts of Tennessee.  This land was adjacent to Shockley and Denney land.  It included "two small springs above Joseph Brown's."  Question:  Would these be the two small springs that merge at the road by the gate of the Big Fork Cemetery?
Source:  Grant # 1787, pages 504 & 505 of MTN District TN Land Grants, Book C (TSLA microfilm roll 128).
April 28
David Owned Daniel's Home Place:  On this day, David's son, Isaac T. Haston was granted 215 acres from the state of TN on the waters of the Caney Fork.  The description of the boundaries of this tract mention "the mouth of David Haston's Spring branch."  This is likely to be a description of the big spring ("Haston's Big Spring") that flows out of the hillside just below where Daniel Haston's ("Haston Station") house was located.  Thus, it seems to indicate that David Haston owned the property where his father lived.
Source:  Page 291 of Mountain District Land Grants, Book Y (TSLA, Roll 149).

Isaac Haston / Hastings Timeline    (Added November 2001)

1830 McMinn County, TN Census:  "Isac Hastings" was listed on page 183 of the 1830 McMinn County, TN Federal Census.
Source:  Page 183 of Federal Census for McMinn County, TN.
1830 McMinn County, TN Tax List:  Isaac Hastin appeared on a tax list in McMinn County, TN as having owned no property and having owed .31 1/4.  He was in Captain Shearman's militia company.
Source:  Page 91 of McMinn County, TN Trustee's Tax Books for 1829-1832; 1850 (TSLA microfilm roll #266a)

Note:  He does not seem to appear on the 1829 McMinn County, TN tax list.

1831 McMinn County, TN Tax List:  Isaac Hastin appeared on a tax list in McMinn County, TN as having owned no property and having owed .43 3/4.  He was in Captain Shearman's militia company.
Source:  Page 151 of McMinn County, TN Trustee's Tax Books for 1829-1832; 1850 (TSLA microfilm roll #266a)

September 2

Petition to the TN General Assembly:  The name "Isaac Hastin" appears on a legislative petition by White County, TN citizens to the TN General Assembly to limit the number of acres that could be claimed by land speculators and other wealthy people.  Was this "Isaac" the son of Daniel?  He was on the McMinn County, TN (approximately 100 miles east of White County) tax list in the same year.  The other "Isaac Hastons" would have been too young, at this time, to have signed a petition.  
Source:  1832 - 1-4 of TN Legislative Petitions, 1832 (TSLA Legislative Petitions Microfilm # 13)

Catherine Haston Timeline    (Added November 2001)

"About 1819" Entry

Note:  John Austin first married Rachel Denney on June 21, 1802, as per the First Marriage Book (1801-1813), for Wayne County, KY.  Rachel Denney was the sister of early White County, TN settler and civic leader, William Denney.  William Denney was a neighbor of the early White County Hastons, south of the Caney Fork river.  Perhaps this explains how John Austin (brother in law to William Denney) met Catherine Haston (neighbor to William Denney).
Source:  William Denney Descendents by Frances Marie (Thomas) Graves, 1984 (LC #: CS71.D412 1984)

Apparently, John and Nathaniel Austin arrived to White County, TN from different locations...John from Wayne County, KY and Nathaniel from east TN.

"People" Page    (Added November 2001)
John M.C. Hastings In Henry County of west TN in 1824, 1833, 1846. Could "M.C." be an abbreviation for McComisky?  Henry Co, TN Hastings supposedly had Orange Co, NC roots.
Jeremiah M.C. Haston Said to have been born about 1800 in Tennessee.  Settled in Dallas County, MO.  Was he a son of Daniel Haston?  Could "M.C." be abbreviation for McComisky? 
Enoch Jobe Man by this name attended Big Pigeon Baptist in Cocke Co, TN with Abraham Hiestend's family...later same name lived near White Co, TN Hastons.

Joseph Haston Timeline    (Added November 2001)

January 26
Granted 66 Acres:  Joseph acquired 66 acres of land on the south side of the Caney Fork for the price of one cent per acre (as allowed by the November 22, 1823 Act of the General Assembly of TN, which was probably one of the General Assembly's acts that permitted people to secure vacant or unappropriated lands).  This tract adjoined land owned by David Hastin, Sampson Mooney, Joseph Brown, Shockley, and Denny.
Source:  Page 809 of Middle TN Land Grants, Book 9 (TSLA Roll 108) and Middle TN Certificate of Survey #7968 (for Joseph Hastin of White Co, TN).